Girard High School recently held class officer elections for this school year.

In order for a student to be eligible for an office, the student had to submit a petition signed by 10 classmates and two instructors.

Senior Class officers for this year include Timbrelee McNair, president; Christian Provence, vice president; Audrey Bauer, secretary; Kendra Samuels, treasurer; and McKenna Belcher and John Hey, Student Council representatives.

Junior Class officers are Hannah Pyle, president; Alix Beezley, vice president; Cassidy Thomason, secretary; Jessica Spieth, treasurer; and Madison Denham and Thomas Ashcraft, Student Council representatives.

Sophomore Class officers include Cole Lara and Katy Pitts, co-presidents; Madison Hey, secretary; Samantha Guy, treasurer; and Katie Palmer and Jon Zimmerman, Student Council representatives.

Freshman Class officers include Eric Wilson, president; Jake Bennett, vice president; Kaden Belcher, secretary; Calea Augustin, treasurer; and Layne Karhoff and Chris Johnson, Student Council representatives.

Officers will meet with their sponsors throughout the year to plan class activities.