The Southeast Lancers took huge strides Friday night, as a team and on statistics. The Lancers (1-2) overcame the Baxter Springs Lions (0-3) with 487 yards of rushing, leaving with a final score of 47-28. Southeast head coach Jacob Lott could not be more pleased with his players. “Everyone had a really good night,” Lott said. The Lancers started the game out with energy as they received opening kick-off and efficiently rushed for 44 yards before junior quarterback Caleb Biancarelli threw an interception to Baxter's Kaden Nowlin. Nowlin ran the intercepted ball back to the Lancer's six-yard line. If it was not for the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called on the Baxter directly after the interception the Lions would have scored early on. The Lions offense was repeatedly shut down in the first half by the Lancers. Southeast junior Jared Watson, who finished the night with 173 rushing yards, had several long punt returns throughout the night. Though the Lancers seemed to have problems with penalties and turnovers Lott was proud of his team for coming back strongly every time things seemed to turn astray for the Lancers. “After bad plays, we made good plays,” Lott said. “There's a lot we can improve on, like penalties and turnovers. We still need to keep working on a complete game.” The Lancers scored first at 4:56 left in the first quarter when junior Ryan Rakestraw made a two-yard run into the end zone. Rakestraw finished the night out with 221 rush yards. The Lions offense returned to the field only to gain a yard in rushing while Baxter junior Cody Rowe's passes fell incomplete. Southeast has centered their offense around the option running package this season and it proved effective Friday as juniors Colton Charlton, Ryan Rakestraw and Watson received constant option-pitches from Biancarelli throughout the night. Biancarelli was able to punch it into the end zone again before the first quarter ended at 2:05 left on the clock. The Lancers came back early in the second quarter with a score from Rakestraw on a 14-yard touchdown run. With the special teams failing to complete point-afters the first half, this left the Lancers ahead 18-0 at 11:40 in the second quarter. “We have a kicker with a good leg [Rakestraw],” Lott said. “We aren't really sure what's going on with the extra point right now. It's frustrating but we will address it in practice.” Biancarelli ran in a 14-yard touchdown with 5:17 on the clock during the second quarter. The game went into halftime with the Lancers leading 24-0. The second half began with a Baxter fumble that turned possession over to the Lancers. The Lancers proceeded with a pass-heavy drive that ended in an interception. Baxter was unable to execute and punted the ball away. Rakestraw came back with a 58-yard touchdown run at 7:43 left in the third quarter. The Lions caught a break with Cody Rowe's pass to Gavin Nowlin at 4:27 remaining in the third quarter and then a fumbled punt which resulted in great field position for another Lion score from senior Derek Barnes with 35.6 seconds left in the third quarter. The Lancers answered with a 27-yard run from Watson and a scoring 26-yard run from Rakestraw to finish the drive leaving the score at 37-14 at 11:24 in the fourth quarter. Rakestraw may have had trouble with the point-after field goals but he had no problem completing the 37-yard field goal with 1:22 left in the fourth quarter. The Lancers loosened their grip on the Lions as the game progressed. The Lions proceeded to score two more times in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Barnes ran 15 yards into the end zone at 2:52 and Kaden Nowlin ran four yards to score at 1:02 in the fourth quarter. The Lions recovered their onside kick and started their final drive with less than a minute remaining in play but ended their offensive night with an interception. “We did pretty well in the first half,” Lott said. “We got sloppy in the second half and they took advantage of that.” Lott is relieved to achieve his first win as head coach of the Lancers. “I'm happy,” Lott said. “It's our first 'w' and we are feeling good.” Southeast (1-2) travels to Girard (1-2) next Friday.