Play will be completed later at the Chanute Invitational and after Thursday night, Pittsburg stands one point behind first place Chanute and its 10 points. "Chanute turned the tables on us tonight and played their No. 1 doubles in the singles slots and those kids for Chanute played great," Pittsburg head coach John Seal said. "We did however get them in both doubles matches, advancing both teams to the finals with the No. 2 team (Lauren) Sullivan and (Molly) Lundberg winning the event. The No. 1s will finish at a later date." Katy Short (No. 1) and Katie Phalen (No. 2) each finished 2-1 in singles competition. Short defeated Megan Smith of Iola 8-1 and Alexis Nolan of Coffeyville 8-0 but lost 8-2 to Alexis Thuston of Chanute. The win over Nolan resulted in third place for Short. Phalen defeated Katie Lieurance of Iola 8-0 and McKenzie Baur of Coffeyville 8-0 but lost 8-1 to Abby Liudahl of Chanute. The win over Baur also resulted in third for Phalen. Lundberg-Sullivan swept its way through Allyson Hobbs-Shelby Reno of Iola 8-6, Haley Markham-Beth Ungles of Chanute 8-3 and Coffeyville by default. Emily Baden-Laikyn Long advanced to the finals with victories over Bobbi Sinclair-Alexis Hobbs of Iola 8-2 and Chelsea Barrick-Jenny Angleton of Chanute 8-7 (5). The championship match will resume at a later date with Baden-Long tied at 2-all with Kenna Savage-Courtney Crain of Fort Scott.