10/10/13 Alexander Jr., Robert – Frontenac -DWS 1st conviction, Parole violation, Possess opiates/opium/narc drug and certain slim, Use or poss paraph w/int to cultivale cont subs .

10/10/13 Applegate, Twyla Carlene – Pittsburg- Domestic battery/Knowing reckless bodily harm.

10/10/13 Gregg, Dennis Lee- Pittsburg- Failure to appear.

10/10/13 Gregg, Steven Louis-Pittsburg- Interference with LEO; Obstruct/resisl felony, Violation of protection order; Unknown circum.

10/10/13 Griffth, Ashley Dawn- Pittsburg- Domestic battery; knowing/reckless bodily harm.

10/10/13 Habjan III, Andrew Anthony- Pittsburg- Distribute certain hallucinogens, A use or poss paraph w/int to cultivate cont subs.

10/10/13 Habjan, Audrey Ruth-Pittsburg- A use or poss paraph with intent to cultivate cont subs, Distribute certain hallucinogens.

10/10/13 Hernandez, Daniel NMI- Pittsburg- Operate MV w/o valid license.

10/10/13 Hunziker, Brandy Michelle- Arcadia- Giving worthless check; Value< $1000.00

10/10/13 Princes, Teresa Ann- Pittsburg- Agg arson; Risk to bodily harm

10/10/13 Robertson, Wesley Allen –Pittsburg -revocation of Bond, Unlawful abuse of toxic vapors.

10/10/13 Smith, Rickey Ramone- Lansing- Holding for court.

10/14/13 Hoag, shawn Allen-Pittsburg- Criminal trespass;Unknown circumstance.

10/14/13 Wadino,Jackie Dale-Columbus- Serving Time.

10/15/13 Grey, Emily Joan-Pittsburg- Failure to Appear.

10/15/13 Lee, Baraka Karani-Frontenac- Violation of protection order; Unknown circum.

10/16/13 Burns, Lisa Marie-Pittsburg- Serving Time.

10/16/13 Campbell, Kristina Marie-Frontenac- Serving Time.

10/16/13 Hall, Michael Wayne-Nevada- Failure to Appear, Contempt of Court; Indirect.

10/16/13 Pizarro, Catherine Fina- Baxter Springs- Domestic Battery; Physical contact in rude manner.

10/16/13 Rowe, Natacia Nichole-Hepler- Giving a worthless check; value $1000.

10/16/13 Smith, Nola Caitlyn- Cherokee- Serving Time.

10/16/13 Soprych, Aubrey James-Pittsburg-Probation Violation.

10/17/13 Henshall, Steven Billie-Chanute- Veh liability insurance req, Operate MV w/o license, DWS; 1st conviction.

10/17/13 Hill, Warren Edward-Frontenac-Battery.

10/17/13 Stephenson, Jenny Sue-Frontenac- Failure nto appear, Contempt of Court;Indirect, Probation Violation.

10/17/13 Wilson, Charles Henry Ray-Pittsburg- Use/poss drug paraphernalia/human body, Possession of certain hallucinogenic drugs.