12/06/13 Hackett, Larinzo Dayton-Joplin- Failure to Appear
12/06/13 Larson, Brian Allen-Arma- Agg Assult
12/06/13 Larson, Jacob Roy-Frontenac- Domestic battery; Knowing./reckless bodily harm
12/06/13 Saccame, Cindy Rahe-Frontenac- Contempt of court; Indirect
12/06/13 Smith, Johnna Lea-Pittsburg- DWS; 2 or subsequent conviction
12/06/13 Tidwell III, John Patrick-Pittsburg- Probation Violation
12/07/13 Brown, Keith Allen-Pittsburg- Serving Time
12/09/13 Fields II, Lawerence Wayne-Pittsburg- Domestic battery; knowing/reckless bodiy harm, Agg assault, Failure to appear, failure to Appear
12/09/13 Hinkle, Valerie Lynn-Pittsburg-Driving while habitual violator
12/09/13 Johnson, Sharyl Lorraine-Pittsburg- Serving Time
12/09/13 Phillips, Daniel Edward-Hepler- Domestic battery; Knowing/reckless bodily harm
12/10/13 Gomez, Benney Joe-Pittsburg- Crim damage to prop; without consent 12/10/13 Harvey, Christopher Tarran-Fort Scott- Probation Violation
12/10/13 Turner, Philip Mykel-Fort Scott-Theft of prop/services; Value $1,000-$25,000; agg assault w/ deadly weapon; agg robbery
12/10/13 Weston, Aaron Kendall-Pittsburg-Domestic battery; knowing/reckless bodily harm
12/11/13 Beltran, Narciso Daniel III-Pittsburg-Failure to Appear
12/11/13 Cook, Margaret Loren-Pittsburg-Duty of Driver, Unattended vehicle; DUI, 2nd conviction
12/11/13 Gough, Michelle Lee-Parsons-Failure to Appear
12/11/13 James, Justin Eugene-Girard-Use/poss drug paraphernalia/human body; theft by threat, value $1,000-$25,000
12/12/13 Charlow, Jade Ellen-Pittsburg-Domestic battery, Physical contact in rude manner
12/12/13 Hall, Caden Joseph-Parsons-Failure to Appear
12/12/13 Hill, Warren Edward -Frontenac-Probation Violation
12/12/13 Jones, Cory Lavelle-Frontenac-Holding for Court
12/12/13 Mayberry, Melissa Lynn-Pittsburg-DWS; 2nd or subsequent conviction
12/12/13 Padilla, Teresa Ann-Denver, Colo.-Probation Violation