The G3 Expo - celebrating all things graphics, gadgets and games - launched for the first time yesterday, but organizers already are excitedly looking ahead to future years.

The event was coordinated by Akram Taghavi-Burris, who is an assistant professor of graphics and imaging technologies at PSU and also is an advisor for the Gamma Epsilon Tau GIT honor society.

"We’re kind of playing off E3," she said of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, that helped inspire the G3 name.

The event, which was open to the public, features PSU’s programs, students and graduates.

"It’s for everybody," Taghavi-Burris sad. "It boosts awareness of our own students."

She said the students helped organize the event, including seeking out and sending invitations to guest speakers.

"Most of them (the speakers) are alumni who have gone on to different positions in the area of graphics," Taghavi-Burris said.

Speakers offered sessions and workshop throughout the Kansas Technology Center, with topics ranging from how to start a marketing campaign to creating games, video workflow, women in STEM, design of Web sites or iPad apps, and more.

Harish Gopi and Amrudha Varsha both spend part of their morning demonstrating robots as part of the Gorilla Tech Robotics team, and Gopi said the strength of the program brought him from India to Pittsburg.

"I can access anywhere in the world with this degree," he said.

Former students who have gone on to successful employment also returned to share about the skills they learned during their time in the GIT department.

"It’s been a wild ride," said recent graduate Blake Broaddus, who launched a business doing outdoor video work while at Pittsburg State and now does that on the side in addition to his work at Ramsey MediaWorks in Joplin.

"I was actually really surprised when they asked me," he said of the invitation to come speak, adding that he was pleasantly surprised to have the opportunity.

"One of the things I was really happy about was the amount of knowledge they gave me here," he said.

He shared about videography and said he was prepared to talk about whatever those in attendance wanted to know about the workforce.

He also said he is excited to see events like the G3 Expo at PSU.

"The G3, whenever I read about it and found out what it was, I was really happy about it," Broaddus said.

Taghavi-Burris said that is the reaction she hopes to hear as the department plans for the next event on March 28, 2015.

"We’re hoping to just grow from here," she said.