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  • Pittsburg Police Reports — March 27-April 3

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  • 03/27/14
    800 E 4th DUI
    4th/Joplin Accident (Reportable)
    406 W 1st Burglary
    708 W 4th Juvenile Pick-Up Order
    408 W 1st Burglary
    2204 Timber Lake Lane Burglary
    1102 E Centennial Out of State/County Warrarnt
    520 E 9th Officer Information Report
    1914 JFK Found Property Report
    824 E 4th Domestic Violence Information
    824 E 4th Local Warrant
    4th/Georgia Accident (Reportable)
    913 E 14th Harassing Phone Calls
    821 N Broadway Drug Sniff Article
    201 E 5th Officer Information Report
    514 E 24th All other Theft
    618 E 25th Criminal Damage
    1902 S Broadway All other Theft
    1914 JFK All other Theft
    103 E Williams All other Theft
    9 4th Officer Information Report
    Jefferson/Georgia DUI
    13th/Smelter Drug Equipment Violation
    310 E Centennial Found Property Report
    201 N Pine Local Warrant
    3108 N Broadway Suicide/Attempted Suicide
    504 E Monroe Criminal Damage
    1115 S Broadway Accident (Private Property)
    902 W 4th Officer Information Report
    728 E 10th Accident (Hit/Run)
    1906 S Rouse Simple Assualt/Battery
    2803 N Broadway Arson
    22 4th Street Circle All other Theft
    202 E Centennial Shoplifting
    2609 N Broadway Simple Assault/Battery
    126 E 22nd Found Property Report
    605 W Martin Domestic Violence Information
    2710 N Broadway Agg Assault/Battery
    306 E Adams Officer Information Report
    2814 N Broadway Other Fire
    205 W 9th Runaway/Walkaway (RES)
    205 w 9th All other Theft
    202 E Centennial DUI
    111 N Broadway Disorderly Conduct
    2500 N Grand Local Warrant
    2500 N Grand County Warrant
    2500 N Grand All other Theft
    220 W Hudson Theft from Motor Vehicle
    1014 E 11th All other Theft
    107 W 3rd Found Property Report
    20th/Walnut Accident (Reportable)
    490 Fieldcrest Officer Information Report
    412 S Joplin Burglary
    310 S Elm Criminal Damage
    727 W 1st ST Other Fire
    1914 JFK Domestic Violence
    804 S Olive Criminal Damage
    116 W 3rd Request for Officer
    116 W 3rd Simple Assault/Battery
    100 W 8th DUI
    212 W Washington Theft from Motor Vehicle
    410 Free King HWY Check Welfare
    410 Free King HWY Drug Violations
    201 N Pine Officer Information Report
    Quincy/College Accident (Injury)
    1102 E Centennial Simple Assault/Battery
    1402 N Broadway Out of State/County Warrant
    609 E 9th Domestic Violence Information
    1101 E 4th Found Property Report
    201 N Pine Local Warrant
    213 E Park Found Property Report
    Page 2 of 3 - 1706 S Broadway Domestic Violence Information
    600 W 1st DUI
    1713 N Michigan Domestic Violence Information
    106 W 23rd Officer Information Report
    20th/Joplin Accident (Reportable)
    1811 N Elm Burglary
    1002 S Taylor Found Property Report
    1978 E 4th All other Theft
    301 E 24th Officer Information Report
    508 E 28th All other Theft
    1400 N Grand All other Theft
    104 E Euclid Domestic Violence Information
    100 W Euclid All other Offences
    312 S Elm Accident (Hit/Run)
    326 S Catalpa Theft from Motor Vehicle
    224 E 23rd Theft from Motor Vehicle
    201 N Pine Tow Contract
    1978 Officer Information Report
    201 N Pine Drug Sniff Article
    201 N Pine Local Warrant
    318 S Broadway Found Property Repost
    201 N Pine Tow Contract
    810 E 7th Domestic Violence Information
    523 W Forest Officer Information Report
    1910 S Rouse Criminal Damage
    4th/Grand Request for Officer
    441 E 20th Found Property Report
    1007 W 4th Domestic Violence Information
    709 W 7th Domestic Violence Information
    202 E 9th Shoplifting
    612 S Broadway Found Property Report
    3011 N Michigan St All other Theft
    1007 W 4th Domestic Violence Information
    2601 N Joplin Battery-Domestic
    704 W 2nd Dog at Large
    509 E 24th Theft from Motor Vehicle
    200 S Joplin Credit Card/ATM Fraud
    2307 S Tucker Accident (Reportable)
    3111 N Michigan Identity Theft
    7th/Walnut Domestic Violence Information
    207 W Euclid Animal Bite Report
    529 E Madison Burglary
    802 S Broadway County Warrant
    126 E 22nd Burglary
    100 E Jefferson Local Warrant
    1007 W 4th Domestic Violence Information
    505 N Broadway Criminal Damage
    806 N Locust Criminal Damage
    612 S Broadway Suicide/Attempted Suicide
    Cleveland/Broadway Liquor Law Violation
    201 N Pine Officer Information Report
    2601 N Joplin Found Property Report
    201 N Pine Found Property Report
    302 E 4th Suite D Theft from Motor Vehicle
    2710 N Broadway Theft form Motor Vehicle
    2610 N Broadway Accident (Private Property)
    Ramsey/Broadway All other Theft
    430 W 5th Child in Need Care
    617 Canterbury Road Accident (Hit/Run)
    201 N Pine All other Offenses
    202 S Free Kings HWY Officer Information Report
    308 S Locust All other Theft
    609 E 9th Motor Vehicle Theft
    221 W Kansas All other Offenses
    4th/Elm Driving Complaint
    519 E Park Officer Information Report
    503 Villa Drive Accident (Reportable)
    Forest/Rose Harris Domestic Violence Information
    1409 N Grand Domestic Violence Information
    Page 3 of 3 - 2207 N Broadway All other Theft
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