ARMA — Northeast's Shelby McCarley and Jasmine Tindle signed their national letters of intent Friday to cheer at Labette Community College in Parsons.

"It's every coach's dream to see their athletes continue playing a sport," Northeast coach Laurel Spriggs said. "Although I've known Shelby and Jasmine for only a short period of time, I can say they're two of the most hard-working, persevering, determined women I've met in my life. I've never seen Shelby or Jasmine back down from any challenge they've been faced with. I'm extremely proud of their accomplishments and hard work that they've put in and I know they'll both make Northeast High School proud as they cheer on the Cardinals."

Tindle, who's graduating a year early, talked about her feelings.

"I'm a little emotional," Tindle said. "It doesn't seem real, to get this opportunity. It's really exciting."

Tindle has cystic fibrosis — an inherited disease which causes thick, sticky mucus to form in the lungs, pancreas and other organs.

"I've got a port put in and I can't do any other physical activities with it, except cheer," Tindle said. "I love cheering and I decided to go a year early and Labette let me do that. I'm just glad to have the opportunity to cheer."

Tindle and McCarley have the opportunity to cheer together two more years.

"We've grown pretty close and she's a really good person," Tindle said. "She helps me out a lot."

"I get to go with one of my best friends," McCarley said. "She's also my co-captain this year and we decided to go do this together."

McCarley also touched on her feelings Friday.

"I'm excited," McCarley said. "I'm ready to start a new journey. I love cheering and my coach this year inspired me to go to college for cheering.

"I already started college at Labette this year to get my gen-eds for physical therapy. I got offers from other colleges but Labette's where I wanted to stay."