Dear Editor,
The Morning Sun has been regularly printing the constitutional amendment that guarantees freedom of the press. That's a good thing. However the newspaper has been neglecting the responsibility that goes with that protection.
The Kansas legislature has been in session for weeks now, and there is virtually no recognition. Oh, there was coverage of a preliminary “maybe” gambling bill. Radical proposals have been proposed and voted in. How do we find out which bills affect us?
Both houses have passed and sent to the governor HB 2553. This bill sets up compact with other states to manage their own medical funds. Medicare and Medicaid would be included, as well as other programs such as Tricare for veterans. Do we really want the state messing with Medicare? Even the Tea Partiers are opposed to that.
Both houses have passed and sent to the governor a bill that strips due process from the state's 20,000 teachers. These are the same teachers who love and teach our children. The Republican Radical Religious Right has demonized our teachers. I don't really think they are demons, do you?
There have also been proposals to take money from public schools to create charter schools. These schools would have little supervision and would be set up to make a profit. I can visualize very large classes and scant one-on-one contact.
As a reader of the Pittsburg newspaper since 1964, I believe we need more information than we get on the sports pages. The Morning Sun needs a change in policies.
Robert J. Roberts