Dear Editor,
I respectfully disagree with Kent Bush’s assessment of the “God is not Dead” film. Perhaps this is because in my more than thirty years of teaching philosophy at the university level I have never known a philosophy professor, including atheist ones, to act in the unprofessional, not to say unphilosophical, manner of the fictional Professor Radisson in the film. No doubt, intellectual bullies exist, but Radisson is a caricature of a professor, little different from the warped fantasy in the old Chick publication I read as an undergraduate, “Big Daddy” (see “God is not Dead” only perpetuates the slander. There are indeed atheist philosophers, but as a rule they are not remotely like the fictional Radisson. Moreover, most great philosophers have been theists, and many of them Christian. As an antidote to the film, I recommend the many members of the Society of Christian Philosophers which has among its founders and its current members many of the brightest lights in philosophy in the past half century—William Alston, Alvin Plantinga, Marilyn Adams, Robert Adams, Eleonore Stump,  Linda Zagzebski, and many others. The SCP's journal, Faith and Philosophy, is among the most respected in philosophy. (See  
Don Viney