It's all about placement. That's the lesson Keith Fankhauser learned pretty quickly during his garage sale this weekend.

"We're trying to sell 40 plus years of accumulation. The first three or four cars that came by were little old ladies that didn't see the glassware. It was all backed in. We put the tables out toward the road, and then people started stopping," Fankhouser said.

The Pittsburg/Frontenac citywide garage sale on Saturday got many people out and about to seek bargains, while it also had many homeowners putting their items out for sale.

And there were plenty of bargains to be had, which is why people like Amanda Spurling got out -- and got out early -- to beat the other shoppers and to find the best deals.

"I'm just looking for miscellaneous stuff for my children. I'm now expecting baby No. 5," Spurling said. "Sometimes stuff is at big bargains. When you have a bunch of kids like I do, it's easier to find a bargain here or at a thrift store. You can get good things. I found something today for $2. It was brand-new and still had the tag on it."

In fact, the common theme for many shoppers was to find items, clothes and toys for their children. That included Amanda Aikin, who found a bear for her son while shopping at a friend's garage sale on Saturday morning.

"For little ones, you can find great deals on clothes. They always find something in the toys. It's really hard to say no when it's only a quarter or less," Aikin said.

But for a lot of those shopping on Saturday, it was also the love of the hunt that drew people to the garage sales across the city.

"If you've done this for very long, you can find cheaper prices for things still in good condition. There's a lot of outside kid toys, and you can find things for sale that are a huge bargain compared to the store," Aikin said. "You might find a little treasure. You might find something you weren't expecting. One man's trash is another man's treasure."

That's not to say that everything up for sale is considered "trash" by those who are seling it. Take the Fankhauser garage sale, which he said was the first they've ever had.

"We've got to get rid of items. It's not junk. It's items,' Fankhauser said.