The Morning Sun

 Whether it takes place outside or inside, Pittsburg State University's annual Student Activities Council Easter Egg Hunt gives students from the university the opportunity to interact with children from around the area each spring.

The hunt was scheduled to take place on the PSU Oval, but, for the second year in a row it was moved to the basement of the Overman Student Center due to soggy conditions.

"We really had our fingers crossed," said Eva Sager, program coordinator for campus activities, adding that the wet ground made it seem prudent to move the event inside.

However, all the fun and games scheduled for the outdoor event was still available inside as students encouraged children to play games and receive eggs and giveaway goodies as prizes.

"They're really been working hard the last two weeks," Sager said of the students involved. "They've stuffed 10,000 eggs over the last two weeks."

She said this is one of two big opportunities each year for SAC to host the community.

"Student Activities Council really does a lot with the student body," Sager said. "They really have this as their way to give back to the community. This is the this is the event they really do that's geared toward the children."

She said students really enjoy the event.

"Probably the No. 1 thing I like is the students are so excited to do the setup," Sager said.

The kids also enjoyed seeing what was set up for them.

Many said the duck pond game, in which the number on the bottom of a duck determined the prize they got was their favorite.

The game was run by Phillip Foster, who played up the carnival-style routine as he interacted with the children.

"I’m just a little child on the inside," Foster said. "It’s easy for me to relate to small children."

He said he especially enjoyed the game he worked.

"It’s a game that everybody wins, so that makes it fun too," he said.

Children this year also may have received some extra goodies, as the SAC staff prepares to switch offices.

"They thought this is a good way to redistribute what they've been saving back," Sager said.

The children’s activities and prizes bring many families back each year as well.

"We came here last year, too," said Crystal Schartz, who brought her four and six-year-old children. "It’s just the fun for the kids."

Sager said the family fun is enjoyable for her, too.

"I love to watch parents and their kids come and interact," Sager said.

She said she also loves the children’s wonder.

"The reaction from them is priceless," Sager said of the children. "You give the kids a candy-filled egg and the joy that goes with it."