PITTSBURG — Beginning July 1 of next year, a picture of a handgun with a red slash will no longer prevent concealed handguns from being carried at Pittsburg State University.

PSU recently submitted a draft of its concealed carry policy to the Kansas Board of Regents. The 2013 Kansas Legislature passed Senate Substitute for House Bill 2052, permitting concealed carry on campus unless specific security measures are taken. But, the legislature exempted universities until July 1, 2017.

The Kansas Board of Regents — the governing body for Kansas universities — has received proposals for all six of its schools, according to Communications Director Breeze Richardson.

She said a regents’ committee will review the proposals for Kansas State University, Emporia State University and Fort Hays State University at a meeting Wednesday.

None of the proposals for Wednesday’s meeting or PSU’s proposal would leave any buildings exempt from concealed carry, Richardson said.

Under the law, state and municipal buildings can be exempt if there are “adequate security measures.” Specifically, a metal detector and security guard at each entrance — which can be cost prohibitive.

“It’s a very expensive solution for a university to provide,” said Julie Dainty, an associate professor at PSU and chair of the task force that developed the university’s draft proposal.

The 15-person group began meeting in February and concluded at the beginning of September. Dainty was appointed to the task force by PSU President Steve Scott.

“I hope that it moves forward in a way that is safe for our campus … There will be future challenges as well,” she said.

PSU’s proposal says the concealed carrier must be at least 21-years-old and the gun must be in a holster that covers the trigger with the safety on.

Handgun storage, in a dorm room for example, must be in a “combination, digital, or other secure locking device” and cannot be exclusively accessed with a key.

PSU’s proposal will likely be reviewed during the committee’s November meeting — along with Kansas University and Wichita State University. The committee could approve the draft or send it to the full board of regents for review.

Washburn University is its own municipality and will have to develop its own policy in conformance with the law. State community colleges will need to write its own policy as well.

PSU’s entire draft propsal can be viewed at http://bit.ly/2eKgiwV.

— Michael Stavola is a staff writer at The Morning Sun. He can be emailed at mstavola@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @MichaelStavola1.