My sister and I flew together from Barcelona to JFK in New York City.

I’ll never forget going through customs in Barcelona and the only two people pulled out for a “random” screening were my sister and another young woman.

Another American in line looked at me and said “that ain’t random.”

I agreed.

We flew back and I remember having the most ridiculously uncomfortable flight. The flight to Europe I crashed most of the way. This time, I was lucky to sleep for an hour.

So, I am a little groggy and I end up doing the one thing I didn’t want to do — blow up on my sister. My sister is an actress in Los Angeles and that scares me — the lifestyle and the brainwash of the industry.

I know opportunities to be with her are few and far and I wanted to make sure she sees that I live my life a different way, not because of ritual, but because of who Jesus is and what He did.

Anyway, we are in line going through customs and somehow politics comes up. There is a few things back and forth, then finally I blow up.

First off, she was a Bernie Sanders supporter. Second, I was talking about how liberal California if. FYI my sister is also a feminist.

So she is disputing with me that she is not all for socialism and Arnold Schwarzenegger was not a bad guy (I think, it is a bit foggy, but it was along those lines).

And like I said I blew up. I told her she is so grey on things as to not bother people, that it bothersome. You CANNOT support Bernie Sanders and not support socialism, you CANNOT be a feminist and be all right with The Terminator, who is a womanizer.

It was bad and all these people in line were staring at me. I really didn’t care about other people, just the bomb I dropped.

And that was the last thing I got to say to her in person. My sister and I were trying to get to our plane and I was stopped at the terminal.

The guy told me I was at the wrong airport. NOOOO WAAY.

My flight was leaving from La Guardia. I had plenty of time, but I was worried about money. I had about $40 to my name and figured a taxi was expensive.

It was. The taxi drivers said it would cost about $50 to get to La Guardia, but there was public transportation, which cost $12.

So, end of story. I made it to Kansas and went to grab sushi with my girlfriend. She hates sushi, but I was so sick of Spanish food and wanted to eat a roll.

I don’t even remember tasting the sushi. I was so tired, I drank a cup of coffee and barely made it through dinner and to the car. My girlfriend said I made it 30 seconds in the car before I was snoozing.

Either way, I made it back and the vacation could not have come at a better time. Now, back to the “real world.”

Until next time,

Michael Anthony Stavola

— Michael Stavola is a staff writer at The Morning Sun. He can be emailed at or follow him on Twitter @MichaelStavola1.