Ryong Jae Jung

How did you get into ministry?

My calling to the ministry has gradually, but passionately, developed throughout my life. Since prayers healed me when I was young, I wanted to be a doctor and medical missionary in order to cure the sick through the Holy Spirit as I experienced before … I was confused about my future and found it difficult to discern God’s plan for me. This experience completely broke my relationship with God. One day, my pastor asked me to think about being a pastor. I thought that a pastor is also a doctor of spiritual healing so I decided to go to seminary through careful consideration and sincere prayer. 

What has been the hardest part about your transition to Pittsburg?

My family moved to Kansas with feelings of great joy and expectation. However, as soon as we arrived, my wife Eunsook (Irene) and our daughter Yewon (Evelyn) came down with severe cases of hives as an allergic reaction to the environment … We thought that this affliction might be God’s test of whether we were sincerely ready to go wherever and whenever He told us to go, regardless of circumstances. So we prayed a lot, harbored no doubt, and maintained strong belief in order to learn God’s purpose with respect to this affliction. Surprisingly, the experience made it possible for us to know many new people more quickly than we might have otherwise. Discussing the problem became a good way for us to share our daily lives with others. And as the symptoms improved, we were able to adjust very naturally to the new church and new community. 

What is your favorite part about being in Pittbsurg?

I have a passion for missions. I am passionate about Sunday school and youth. As the seed of the church, children and youth have to be raised in a faith community, fed by God's word and loved by other more mature Christians. We have a “Family and Friends Night” program for children monthly. I have a passion for building up a vital church community where people share their lives and help each other and grow in Christ and serve in Christ. 

Age: 37

Born: Seoul, South Korea

Education: Master’s in Divinity and Sacred Theology from the Boston University School of Theology

Family: Wife, Irene An, and daughter, Evelyn Jung