Artist Adele took home several awards at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, which was no surprise to Pittsburg State University President Steve Scott, who did a parody video last year using her song Hello.

The video, with Scott lip-syncing parts of the song, was an instant hit around campus. Here's what the president had to say about Adele's wins at the Grammy Awards.

"First, it's certainly been a fun thing to help promote and advance Adele's career through our video work. Maybe we put her over the top and helped her win at the Grammys. That is, of course, offered tongue in cheek. I have to tell you the video we did last year with Hello as the soundtrack was an instant hit around the campus. I was amazed at how the students responded to it. They can tell that Adele is really one of my favorite artists. Surprisingly, I actually exercise to her songs. Yes, I know those are not really designed to be the backdrop for a good workout. But it works for me. For a favorite song, it would be hard to beat 'Hello.' It is after all, one of her signature songs and now it's identified with me. Here's the video we did that started it all: Enjoy!"