PITTSBURG — U.S. House Representative Lynn Jenkins (R-Kansas) discussed production and concerns with local business Tuesday.

Jenkins toured the Progressive Products Inc. facility in Pittsburg, including the Apex Stages facility — a division of Progressive Products.

Progressive Products President Todd Allison led Jenkins and her team on the tour, explaining the different types of products manufactured there, as well as how Apex Stages are used.

Apex Stages is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile stages in North America. The company has sold stages for use by Nascar and ESPN, and for concerts, political debates and more.

One issue Allison brought up to Jenkins was out-of-country competition. The main competitor for Apex Stages is Stageline — a company based in Canada. According to Allison, Stageline has a General Services Administration number and schedule, making it easier for the company to receive federal government contracts.

Apex does not currently have a GSA, but could get one. However, Allison believes that Apex should be able to receive government contracts.

“My understanding is that if there is a U.S. alternative, the government does not contract with out of country entities,” Allison said. “So I just wanted to look into why Stageline has GSA schedule.”

Jenkins said she would get into contact with GSA and report back to Allison with answers.

Jenkins also spoke with Pittsburg State University Innovation Transfer and Corporate Engagement Officer Sydney Anselmi about the Block 22 project.

“We’re currently the only university in that kind of partnership with a city,” Anselmi said. “So the project is really exciting.”

Along with student housing, Block 22 will be the home of PSU’s Center for Innovation and Businesses Development.

Jenkins commended the city and university on the project.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at choener@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.