PITTSBURG — Outstanding students were honored for being good leaders and going above and beyond expectations at the 60th Annual Kiwanis Honors Luncheon on Thursday.

USD 250 Assistant Superintendent Ronda Fincher said this event is a way for them to honor both the outstanding students and their sponsors.  

Pittsburg and Colgan high school seniors listed as the top 10 percent in their class were honored after going through a rigorous curriculum — such as AP classes.

Each year the Noon Kiwanis honors high school seniors who went beyond the average student academically.

St. Mary’s Colgan Counselor Katy Brown presented her school's top 10 percent seniors.

“They have strived hard and competed academically,” Brown said.

Pittsburg High School Counselor Gina Ulbrich said the curriculum their students completed was the most rigorous in their school.

“Students have been in advanced placement of the most rigorous curriculum at the high school,” Ulbrich said. “They are not just bright, but they are nice as well and fun to work with.”

George Nettels, Lakeside and Westside Elementary schools all participated in the Kiwanis K-Kids Club. The children fundraised and helped their community.

One student from each school was selected.

George Nettels’ Club Sponsor Aaron Cicero honored Beau Pasteur for his community involvement and Lakeside’s Club Sponsor Adam Brown honored Landon Vacca who was also very active in the group.

Westside had two Club Sponsors Michelle Broxterman and Paul Hanney. Broxterman said it was a close call because they had three great students tied for the honor. After another vote they honored Ava Steier for being dedicated to volunteering and being a good leader.  

“We had the students take a vote and the students said she does an excellent job and takes good notes, is a good leader and is dedicated to volunteering after school,” Broxterman said. “Her teacher had even said she helps her peers and would make a great teacher one day.”

Pittsburg Community Middle School’s Kiwanis Builders Club Sponsor Joe Hugo said most of the students involved in the club were sixth graders. Hugo honored sixth grader Alyvia Swartz for being a good role model.

“She is dedicated to the group and has great leadership skills,” Hugo said. “Alyvia has earned respect from other sixth grade students — she’s a good role model.”

At the podium Swartz said she was honored to be part of the Kiwanis Builders Club.

Kylee Barnhisel was selected by Pittsburg High School’s Key Club.

“She goes out of the way to volunteer and signs up for everything she can,” Club sponsor Emily Rountree. “She has great ideas for the club and will make a great leader for the next school year.”

Pittsburg State University Kiwanis Circle K member, Emily Vue, was also honored at the event.

PHS Principal Jon Bishop gave the students a speech about giving back to the community and paying it forward.

“Give as much time to your community as you go through life,” Bishop said. “The community supports you in ways you may not know.

“It is good to pay it forward — it’s a good feeling.”

According to Bishop these students are already on a good start as they have taken many volunteer and academic opportunities.


President of the Noon Kiwanis Club Angela Radell closed with a quote by Helen Keller.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

 — Stephanie Potter is a staff writer at the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at spotter@morningsun.net or follow her on Twitter @PittStephP.