GIRARD — The Crawford County Commissioners took steps to finalize updated zoning regulations at their regular meeting Tuesday.

County Zoning Administrator Troy Graham and Zoning Board Chair Bob Gilmore presented finalized plans for zoning regulations. The regulations will keep zoning for agricultural land at a minimum of 40 acres.

A section of land 30 acres or larger can be split one time without the county requiring the owner to have it platted, but platting is required for splitting lots under 40 acres.

“By doing this, it encourages use of already cut up or platted properties,” Gilmore said.

Gilmore also said once the regulations are approved, small changes can still be made, but it allows the county to get basic regulations put in place.

The commissioners also accepted bids from Wright Asphalt for chip and seal oil at $1.65 per gallon. Wright Asphalt had the lowest bid and was recommended by Asphalt Foreman Randy Chiartano.

Chiartano also reported that resurfacing was needed at parking lot of the Homer Cole Community Center, which is owned by the county. He said the center’s board approved payment for materials, but requested the county do the work.

The commissioners approved Chiartano to do the work, and the county will also do striping on the parking lot.

Commissioner Jeff Murphy reported that ground work at the Crawford County Fairgrounds was nearly completed. The county has helped the fair board build pads for a new restroom and new Angels Among Us building, as well as building a lagoon for a new sewer system.

Murphy said he would like to thank all the county employees for the work they have done. He is currently working on designs for a sewer pump at the fairgrounds and said Vinylplex in Pittsburg has offered to donate extra pipe for new sewer lines.

The commissioners will attend a meeting with the fair board and City of Girard to discuss improvements to the fairgrounds, as well as future uses April 24 at the Girard City Office.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.