GIRARD — The Crawford County Commission continues to deal with shortcomings in the risk management fund to cover employee benefits costs.

The county has received several large claims up to this point in 2017, and has moved money from the general fund to cover the costs. The commission has met with Gallager Group — a benefits consulting firm, which works for the county — earlier this year to discuss ways to better manage the costs.

The commission made plans for a work session with elected officials and department heads at 9 a.m. Tuesday to discuss remedies to the problem.

“We can’t keep robbing money from the general fund to cover insurance claims,” Commissioner Carl Wood said. “It’s going to bite us.”

Commissioner Tom Moody agreed and said he really only sees two options.

“When we’re looking at the new budget, we have to budget more money for risk management, and we have to increase what our employees pay,” Moody said. “As much as I hate to do that, we don’t have much choice.”

Friday afternoon, Crawford County Clerk Don Pyle officially swore in Family Nurse Practitioner and Health Department Director Rebecca Adamson as Health Officer at the Crawford County Health Department in Pittsburg. Adamson previously served under now-retired Janis Goedeke.

“I am very excited to continue the great work that the Crawford County Health Department is known for,” Adamson said. “And to expand our programs and public health services to new heights.”