PITTSBURG — Meadowlark Elementary School students put down their books to celebrate their school’s birthday and learn about fitness.

To celebrate the students played unique movie-themed outdoor games and had a picnic-style lunch, as well as a counting contest in which the students counted paper cutouts of meadowlarks which were posted all over the school — class winners were announced on the intercom at the end of the day.

Meadowlark Physical Education Teacher Megan Mantooth organized the event.

Meadowlark Elementary School Principal Becky Bedene said Mantooth came to the school on Mother’s Day to set everything up.

“She came up yesterday,” Bedene said. “She wanted it to be really special for the kids.”

Each of the games related to a movie — “Pirates of the Caribbean” was represented by a game of capture the flag, “Wreck-it Ralph” was represented with a game similar to dodgeball which included protecting and rebuilding a wall of blocks.

The students played a water version of tug-of-war called “Duck Dynasty” using a trough of water, a rubber duck and water sprayers to push the duck to the other side of the trough before the person across from them.

They also played a “Star Wars” tag game with hula hoops and “Star Wars” music.

“It’s fun!” second grader Bryson Adams said. “I like the Duck Dynasty one the best!”

The school’s principal said Mantooth came to her to see if they could change up the event this year, because on previous Super Kids days fifth graders manned the activity stations and the event went on school wide —  leaving some students disappointed because they didn’t get a turn.

This year, each student came out to play based on which hallway their class is in and the “specials” teachers and staff — music, P.E., art, including title math and reading teachers — helped with the stations.

Bedene said the teachers she spoke to said the kids were having more turns and no one was left out.

Special Education Teacher Bridget Esaw said the event couldn’t have happened on a more beautiful day.

“This is awesome,” Esaw said. “It is a great opportunity to enjoy the end of the year on such a beautiful day.”

 — Stephanie Potter is a staff writer at the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at spotter@morningsun.net or follow her on Twitter @PittStephP.