PITTSBURG — Adult Education students received a certificate of recognition for completing their tests on Monday.

The Pittsburg Adult Education Center hosted its last graduation for GEDs on Monday which celebrated the hard work and effort of the 25 students who passed their GED this year.

The GED test is computer-based with four subjects — math, science, social studies and reasoning through language arts.

Each student spends as much time as they need reviewing for the test — some take a month and others take a year.

Pittsburg Adult Education Director Karen Sooter said upon successfully completing the test the Kansas Board of Regents will award each student a diploma and provide an official transcript which employers and universities will accept.

The diploma will also make the students eligible for financial aid just like a traditional high school graduate.

This year’s graduate range from 16 to 60 and each come from a different walk of life.

Adult Education Center Instructor Maya White said it has been neat to listen to each of the student’s backgrounds and to watch them overcome the obstacles of completing a GED while holding a job, taking care of children, going to counseling — including making it to class.

Pittsburg resident Ryan Calafetti said he decided to get his GED after spending time in jail.

“I had to make something better of myself,” he said. “I got out Saturday and first thing Monday I enrolled.”

Calafetti said if it weren’t for his supportive teachers and family he may not have received his GED.

“They really helped me succeed in all areas,” he said.

For one student, Scammon resident Bill Masters, it has been over 40 years since he was in school.

Masters said the information he had to review was all new to him — after three months he managed to complete his test successfully.

According to Sooter, there is no official announcement about the relocation of the GED program — it will be announced once a location is officially set.

— Stephanie Potter is a staff writer at the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at spotter@morningsun.net or follow her on Twitter @PittStephP.