GIRARD — The Crawford County Commission spoke with a representative from Westar Energy regarding easement acquisition at its regular meeting Friday.

Westar Business Manager Kari West attended the meeting to request easement for a transmission pole on the very northeast corner of the Homer Cole Community Center property. Westar would like to place a pole at the property as part of a transmission line project as part of the installment of a new substation in Frontenac.

If everything remains on schedule, West said the project will begin this fall.

“We want to build transmission lines from the Franklin substation to the DePaul substation, which will allow us to loop all three together,” West said.

Westar plans to use large, steel transmission poles, which do not require guidelines or tether lines. The steel poles require a 7-foot concrete base and measure six feet wide at the bottom.

“We are in the construction planning phase,” West said. “So any concerns you have, I can take back to the construction planning committee to be addressed.”

West said Westar does not intend to disturb the driveway into the Homer Cole Center, as the easement is needed only for a very small portion of the property on the northeast corner.

Commissioner Tom Moody said he would like to know how much distance will be between the pole and Joplin Street. He was concerned the large pole may obstruct the vision of visitors turning out of the Homer Cole driveway.

West said she will report back to the commission with that information.

Commissioner Jeff Murphy presented an update on county work at the Crawford County Fairgrounds. Murphy said Floodplain Manager Ron Albertini had approached him with concerns about how deep a portion of the sewer line needs to be placed. Albertini was concerned about the county doing the work.

Murphy said Radell Construction has agreed to lay the deep portion of 6-inch sewer line at no cost.

Ray Hamblin from the Franklin Community Council asked the commission about maintenance of a tornado siren located at the park in Franklin. Hamblin said the community council does not have the funds to maintain the siren.

The county has three other sirens located in Farlington, McCune and Cherokee. None of the sirens are maintained by the county.

The commission urged Hamblin to speak with the officers of Washington Township to see if a system could be worked out.

Hamblin also asked the commission to look into the cost of creating an access road to the highway through a parcel of land he would like to purchase and develop. He also requested information on the county’s cost to chip and seal a section of Jasmine Lane between Third and Fourth streets.

The commission approved a transfer of $22,000 from the general fund to the risk management fund in order to cover the latest round of insurance claims through the county’s employee benefits program.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.