FRONTENAC — The Frontenac City Council is currently combing through its contracted services and looking at the possibility of shopping them out.

City Administrator Brad Reams said since officially stepping into his position, he has been reviewing all the city’s services with the council.

“With some of the other changes being made it is a good time to look through the contracted services and make sure they are all the most cost efficient and effective,” Reams said.

One service the council looked at during its regular meeting Monday is the city’s official publication. Frontenac current uses The Morning Sun for publication of legal matters, and newly-appointed City Attorney Tim Fielder brought up the possibility of adding a second.

“We’re not looking to switch or replace, but at the possibility of adding a second publication,” Reams said. “Right now we don’t know if we are able to do that, and will not more forward until we know if it is legal or not.”

The council also approved four ordinances, the first of which implemented specific spending authority for city staff.

“The intent is to help the city operate more smoothly by giving staff the ability to take action on smaller items between council meetings,” Reams said.

Prior to city staff having an authorized amount they may spend, each expense — no matter how small or large — had to be approved by the council during its meeting every two weeks.

The council also approved a charter ordinance to increase municipal court costs to $85. The other two ordinances adopted standard traffic and uniform public offense codes.

The council approved a resolution setting a condemnation hearing for a lot in Barto’s trailer court. The public hearing will be September 5.

The city is still working on its budget for next year, and is currently working to make it as accurate as possible.

“We pushed our schedule back two weeks to obtain audit numbers,” Reams said. “They will help make the budget more accurate.”

The public budget hearing is scheduled for August 21, ahead of the August 25 deadline to submit the budget to the Crawford County Clerk.

The council authorized a storm water project for Crawford Street for $55,000 in conjunction with the Frontenac School District. The district is updating its gutter system to move water away from west side of the high school and out to the ditch along Crawford Street. The city will tie its project in there, improving the flow of water down the ditch.

Some sidewalk improvement projects were authorized as well.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.