PITTSBURG — A county bridge project on Centennial Avenue was delayed early on by heavy rainfall, but warmer weather has allowed for progress.

St. Paul-based Mission Construction won the contract for the bridge replacement, which carries a price tag of around $1 million — including inspector, utility and design fees along with Mission’s portion. Mission began construction in May, but rainfall cut down on work days.

“With the weather the crew got behind about 30 days,” County Asphalt Foreman Randy Chiartano said. “Since it let up they’ve been working everyday and this week have made some really good progress.”

Chiartano has been serving as a liaison to the county during the project.

Rain also brought extra difficulties to the replacement itself. Last month, the county approved a $19,000 change order. The extra funds were for extra materials needed to build a strong enough base for the bridge in the wet ground — extra steel, rock, concrete and more.

The change order also gave Mission 11 additional days to complete the project. The contract for the bridge is based on calendar days, not working days.

If the project is not completed by the deadline, Mission will have to pay a fine for each day until the project is done. The Crawford County Commission agreed that no more extensions would be approved unless Mission shows that the crew is working very hard to meet the deadline.

“They’ve done really well for a four-man crew these last few weeks,” Chiartano said. “They brought in an extra guy this week and will add a few more next week, which will speed up the process.”

Chiartano said concrete for the deck of the bridge — the part people drive on — is expected to be poured by the middle of August. Then Mission is required to leave the forms on for a period of two to three weeks before finishing work can begin.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at choener@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.