PITTSBURG — Students and faculty at Lakeside Elementary made the most out of their second day of school — and day of the solar eclipse.

Lakeside students were all given eclipse glasses to view the event, but took part in much more. The school organized several space related activities for the students to do outside, as well as having sun-themed snacks.

“We thought it was really important that the students be able to participate in this event,” Lakeside Principal Rhonda White said. “For some, this may be a once in a lifetime thing, so we wanted to give them the experience, as well as have them learn about what is happening.”

Lakeside began the school year Friday, making the eclipse day only the second day of school. Third Grade Science Teacher Bridget Walker organized the event, and said along with being education, it was a good bonding experience.

“For the second day of school, students are still getting to know each other and their teachers,” Walker said. “It’s a really good bonding experience to be out here doing the activities and taking part in such an exciting event.”

The students used their first day of class to learn about safely viewing the eclipse. Each student received eclipse glasses and was taught the proper way to use them, and had organized viewings.

“For some of the events, we are playing with moon sand, making moon rocks out of baking soda and some other things, enjoying Sunny Delight and Sun Chips,” Walker said. “The stations also have things for the students to learn about the eclipse, and it gives them something fun to do rather than staring at the sun the whole time.”

Third Grader Piper Tromsness said making moon rocks was her favorite part of the day.

“We got to mix stuff up to make them, and you could squish it around in your hands,” she said. “And we get to take them home.”

Tromsness said she never thought she would see an eclipse and was happy she got to view it with friends and classmates.

The eclipse only lasted a few hours from start to finish, but students and faculty alike were excited for the experience. Walker said she thought it was a success.

“Hopefully this is something that they will remember forever,” Walker said.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at choener@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.