PITTSBURG — To redistribute happiness, 89-year-old Lowell Joerg from a Stockton, California, assisted living home sent Pittsburg an early 1900s postcard.

The card is a circa-1907 picture card of a zinc smelter and it was sent to Arvest Bank in Pittsburg.

The postcard came with a letter — addressed to the president of the bank. Joerg wanted to share it with the intention of bringing joy and nostalgia to the Pittsburg community.

“I hope this letter brightens your day,” he said in the letter. “I was at an antique store here and found this old circa-1907 picture card of your zinc smelter of that era. Seniors will enjoy seeing it.
“It's an old time classic for sure so I said to myself, ‘By golly, think I'll send it home where it can be appreciated.’ Our heritage is important to us all and should be preserved. Lots of changes, too, over the years.”

He called sending the postcard — his hobby — a ‘redistribution of happiness.’

“Our world sure needs it,” he said in the letter.

Arvest Bank Branch Manager Lacie Cottrell said she opened the letter and found the postcard inside. She said the letter brought a smile to her face and her heart.

“When we read it, it brought a smile to our heart, we want to do something special for him,” she said.

She said she intended to send a letter back thanking him, but then she thought about sending something more special.

After all, at the end of the letter Joerg said, “PS: Send something along about your place if you wish. I figure I could trust you folks.”

Cottrell said the bank will have the postcard on display for the community to view for two weeks and they encourage people to feel free to write Joerg a note of kindness back.

People can stop by the bank on Broadway during business hours to take a look at the postcard and leave a note.

“This is a wonderful man, spreading joy across the world,” Cottrell said.  

On top of sending back special notes from the community, she said a gift card for a meal for two will be added to the package because his wife said he would have to take her out for lunch if they ever heard back from Pittsburg.

“My wife is laughing at me and says if [I] hear from you [I] will have to take her out to lunch,” he said in the letter.

 — Stephanie Potter is a staff writer at the Morning Sun. She can be emailed at spotter@morningsun.net or follow her on Twitter @PittStephP and Instagram @stephanie_morningsun.