PITTSBURG — Newly-inaugurated Governor Jeff Colyer stopped by Signet Coffee Roasters Friday to answer questions and learn about local small businesses.

Colyer — formerly Lt. Governor — was inaugurated Wednesday and spent the last two days touring towns around the state, and meeting with both Republican and Democratic leaders from both the state House of Representatives and Senate.

“The first thing we’re doing is changing the tone,” Colyer said about meeting with party leadership. “I told them, ‘I want to work with you. We may not agree on everything, but we’ve got some hard decisions to make.’

“Some of those folks had not been in the Governor’s Office for years.”

Over his first few days in office, Colyer has also restructured the Office of the Governor.

“We’re going to run it more like a business,” he said. “I have a new chief operations officer and a chief financial officer/budget director — Larry Campbell, who is specialized in school finance.”

Along with restructuring, Colyer said he is turning his focus to school funding, KanCare and other looming issues. He added that he plans to see the completion of U.S. Highway 69 through.

“I am committed to finishing Highway 69,” he said. “Timing and funding are issues right now, but we are working with people to find solutions.”

After his visit to Signet Coffee Roasters, Colyer stuck around for an extra hour to attend the first Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce legislative briefing of the year. Colyer said Pittsburg and Crawford County should be proud of the tenacity and hard work put in by local legislators.

“I’ve been in the state house for years, and you guys have one of the best delegations around,” he said.

— Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at choener@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.