PITTSBURG — Years of planning, four buildings, and months of work are nearing the first phase of completion at Block22.

Members of the Pittsburg government were on hand Tuesday afternoon to tour the apartments that nearly 100 students will be moving into this Saturday.

“We have some finishing touches to put in, like furniture, but those will be done by Saturday,” said President of the Vacino Group, Mat Burton.

According to Burton some common areas, and the commercial spaces will be completed at a later date, but students will be able to move in as scheduled.

Henry Menghini, who had offices in one of the buildings with his father in the 90s, said that everything looked well done.

“It really looks nice,” Menghini said. “They kept all the woodwork, it’s very well done.”

Burton said that the history of people like Menghini were very important to his team.

“So often the history of the building is just a footnote. Here we’ve made a real effort to preserve it,” Burton said. According to Burton The Vacino Group researched the past history of the building, and put the names of past businesses on the apartment doors in an effort to keep the past alive.

The apartments come furnished for the students, complete with televisions and appliances. When asked how he felt about the project Pittsburg City Administrator Daron Hall said that after seeing the finished product it was definitely worth the time and effort.

“It’s been a long two years, and even longer than that with all the planning.” Hall said “However, after seeing this, and the faces of everyone here, I think there are no more doubters, only fans.”