Dear Editor,

If past elections are any indication, the Kansas registered voter is about to be bombarded with election-related post cards and billboards from various groups, many of who don’t live here, who don’t raise their families here, or even work here. Most of this will be from the Republican party. When the mudslinging begins, the “spin & twist” will be on, and if the facts aren’t there to twist, lies will be used. Don’t be fooled by Republican propaganda.

Some sources of this funding for the upcoming dirty campaign: The Kansas Chamber of Commerce, The Kansas Policy Institute, Americans for Prosperity, The Alford Foundation out of Texas, ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), and the KOCH Brothers.

One of the ways to stop these mailings is to vote early. Once your ballot is received, your name will likely be removed from the registered, but not yet voted list.

Again, dirty politics, lying publications, many of them printed on large, glossy post cards—and maybe even large billboards—will come soon. It has happened in the past, particularly by Republicans, and will most certainly happen again.

Robert J. Roberts