(Last) Wednesday afternoon as I was driving south of Quincy on Bypass 69, my engine cover flew up and hit the windshield. I was able to drive off the road to decide the best course of action. Before I could come to a conclusion, two young, kind, thoughtful and capable young women stopped to see if I was O.K. They tied the hood down, and followed me home where they tied it down more securely. I was so shook up that I forgot to get their names. They were truly my angels that day. As a citizen of 85 years, I was encouraged that our city, state and nation is in good hands with this caliber of youth in charge of our future.

Thank you to my Wednesday Angels.


Laura Carlson


So long circus

Dear Editor,

Today I feel just as I did some 50 years ago when Ringling Brothers closed under canvas in Pittsburgh, PA, only this time there was no Merle Evans to play the last notes of Auld Lang Syne.

The Glory Days were gone, but a new idea was in the making, with the same music, same acts same everything except the mud, the rain, the fire and the roustabout people who kept the Big Top going.

Now the great indoors is going. I'm sure Feld Entertainment will never sell the name or know-how. So all that its 'golden oldies' have left is programs, paper and stories.

Thanks to the Windjammers organization, the music has been saved.

But there is an empty feeling in all of us.

So long, Ringling ...

M.L. Rupard