I am writing to urge all persons who are concerned about gun violence to call members of the Federal and State Affairs Committee of the Kansas Senate to urge them to support Senate Bill 53. This bill would repeal legislation that was passed in 2013 which allows concealed carry for anyone 21 and older on all Regents campuses (PSU, ESU, FHSU, KU, KSU, Washburn, and all community colleges), and which will go into effect on July 1, 2017, unless SB 53 is passed.

In polls and surveys conducted among the administration, faculty, staff, and students at the Regents universities, all are overwhelmingly opposed to concealed carry on their campuses. The Chiefs of Police of these same institutions have been unanimous in their opposition to concealed carry as well, indicating that it would make their job much tougher because if they entered a campus shooting scene and saw someone with a gun, they wouldn’t know if (s)he was the shooter or a person with a concealed carry permit.

Please call the members of the Federal and State Affairs Committee, especially the Chair, Senator Jake LaTurner (785-296-7370). Other committee members are Vice Chair Bud Estes (785-296-7359); Ranking Minority Member Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau (785-296-7387); Bruce Givens (785-296-7678); Jeff Longbine (785-296-7361); Ty Masterson (785-296-7388); Robert Olson (785-296-7358); Lynn Rogers (785-296-7391); and Caryn Tyson (785-296-6838).

Urge them to repeal this ill-conceived law now by supporting Senate Bill 53…..before an unnecessary and avoidable death causes yet another family to grieve a loved one, the victim of senseless gun violence.

The Federal and State Affairs Committee of the Kansas Senate is meeting regarding repealing the concealed carry law for state and municipal facilities, which includes Pitt State.  Please call the members of the committee, especially our State Senator and Chairman of the Committee Jake LaTurner (785-296-7370), to express our desire to repeal this ill-conceived law, which at present will go into effect on July 1 of this year.  The repeal bill is SB 53, the house version is HB 2074.  The link below has all the phone numbers.  It is recommended to call rather than email as it makes more of an impact.


In polls and surveys, Kansas university administrators, faculty, students and staff, as well as the chiefs of police of our universities, have overwhelmingly opposed Concealed Carry on Kansas university campuses.  Please take five minutes and call Senator LaTurner's office and then forward this message to whoever you think would appreciate this info.

Thank you,

Bert Patrick


Press fight harms people

We must pray that our President will come to understand that when he makes press work more difficult he doesn't hurt them. They will be paid anyway, maybe even some overtime. He harms those of us in this great country who need information from an objective view. He probably can rely on his one hand maiden channel but that will end when no more soft balls are thrown.

Press has 3 main labels: Attack dog, Lap dog, and Watch dog.

Those who watch and publish serve America which was already great.


Jerry E. Waltrip