Dear Friends in Pittsburg,

There is a hometown hero we have overlooked for too long.

His name was Ralph Berry. You probably knew him best as "Red" or even "Wild Red".

He was a professional wrestler and he called Pittsburg his hometown. Red was know throughout southeastern Kansas as a great humanitarian and supporter of Pittsburg, even serving as interim mayor a time or two. He loved his home and he loved the children here, never failing to do all he could to help them.

Sadly, he is largely forgotten in the city he loved.

We can easily change that and give this hometown hero the recognition he deserves.


First, we can erect a statue of Red at Memorial Auditorium where he held many wrestling matches, along with a permanent display of photos and posters highlighting his career.

Second, we can rename the section of 8th Street in Pittsburg between Locust and Joplin Streets, Red Berry Street. Red and his wife lived on this block of 8th Street in Pittsburg.

Third, we can designated November 20 each year as "Red Berry Day" in honor of his birthday.

It's not too much to ask. Surely, if Philadelphia can erect a statue honoring a movie boxer, we can find a real way to honor a real hometown hero.

Mel Anderson


Single-payer healthcare amazing

Dear Editor

Glib partisans jockey and joust over commas and semi-colons, the punctuation in proposals for a new public health care program.

Call it the “ACA,” “Obamacare,” whatever Care you CARE to call it...the thing is being nit-picked, flayed, dis-assembled and debated into oblivion.

Who would want to go to any doctor under the gun of political gunplay as offered up on USA talkinghead shows 24/7?

Why don’t we have one-on-one interviews with people who enjoy single-payer health care in Canada, Britain, and numerous other enlightened nations?

I have experienced health care Germany, Britain, and in China.


I am 92 years old!

Bill Sollner