When applying for the job here in Pittsburg I was thrilled to hear the name of my eventual newspaper home was The Morning Sun.

I have always taken my job seriously to shine the light on my community. My favorite times are when that light exposes the best of someone or something. I love making a small-time celebrity out of a fellow citizen. Frankly, I wish more readers would tip us off to the unique, fun or odd talents of their neighbors more often, but that is another column.

Sometimes the light we shine exposes injustice or corruption. While not my favorite variety of journalism, it is a duty I take very seriously as a journalist and someone that will never peddle in fake or slanted news.

A month or so ago it hit me, out of the blue. With such a great name as Morning Sun, why the heck didn’t we have an actual sun on our flag (the name of the paper on the top of the front page)?

No one seemed to know so we started looking back and found the Sun had set over a decade ago and before that had appeared in several versions. I knew right then — the Sun had to return.

At first I just figured we would pick a sun and slap it on the page, but then I realized I was being selfish. This is not my newspaper. It does not belong to the staff that works here, it belongs to you, the readers. So I decided we would have a contest and let you vote. You will have a chance to decide what sun will adorn the front page for years to come.

Tuesday, after the eclipse for added effect, we will present three versions of the new Sun logo and we will let you vote on your favorite. The version which gets the most votes will be the winner. Readers will be able to vote online and with a paper ballot. Details will be included in the article on Tuesday.

I am excited to include you in the process and can’t wait to see which logo you select. We will unveil the new logo in a few weeks.

Thank you for helping the Sun rise again!

— Jamey Honeycutt is the publisher of the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at jhoneycutt@gatehousemedia.com.