I want to clear us some confusion about our recent decision to not send a reporter to cover Southeast and Northeast High School sporting events.

While readers have had colorful and sometimes conspiratorial guesses as to why, it comes down to the same things that guide your household.


The areas that used to support the additional staffing with advertising and subscriptions have simply evaporated. I would LOVE to send reporters to ALL area

schools and even cover JV games but I simply cannot afford to do that anymore and run a profitable newspaper. Staff expect regular paychecks as you can imagine.

Now, here is where the confusion and misinformation begins to irritate me. The word is that we do not want to, and will not give these schools coverage. That is false. We want to have information about both schools and gladly accept submissions anytime. Just yesterday morning a Southeast fan sent us a tremendous photo from Friday’s football game that you can see in our sports pages. I hope more fans, coaches and parents follow suit at events across the area.

If more readers submitted articles, I could reduce the amount of state and national wire stories. My intent is to one day see the Morning Sun filled with only local

content, but I need readers to submit their news. As I have said many times, it is your newspaper and if it is news to you, it is news to us.

Now, before someone fires off a hateful letter saying “Oh, now you want us to do your job for you?”, please realize that we have always relied on the public for submissions. Again, it is your newspaper and you really do drive the bus when it comes to content.

I would love to have more photos from Cub Scout events, middle school sports, service club meetings and generally interesting photos from around the area. It doesn’t have to be a big event to warrant coverage.

The Morning Sun is stable, profitable and not going anywhere because of tough decisions of how to allocate our small staff and resources. We are holding steady but sometimes we have to make tough decisions just like many of you do in your own households.

I appreciate the passion, and have I heard plenty of it since our decision not send a reporter to cover these fine schools. However, I feel some of that passion would be better placed by sending us scores, photos and short write ups rather than accusing us falsely of favoritism, mean spiritedness and even bullying! Yep, someone actually called me a bully on the phone.

I love that you care about your hometown newspaper and I saw first hand the passion for the community as you donated 24 pallets of supplies recently for our hurricane relief drive. Please understand that your newspaper cares as much as you do and we want all our area schools represented. We just need your help.