PITTSBURG -- Six Pittsburg High School journalists are getting the opportunity of a lifetime.

After receiving international attention for an article published in the Booster Redux, the high school newspaper, student journalists Gina Mathew, Kali Poenitske, Maddie Baden, Trina Paul, Connor Balthazor and Patrick Sullivan have been invited to go to the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, DC, as the guests of the Huffington Post with all expenses paid. The dinner is hosted by the White House Correspondents' Association.

"We are pretty excited,” Emily Smith, Booster Redux adviser said in a release from USD 250. "We are very honored they thought of us!"

The six published a story late last month which questioned the credentials of Amy Robertson, who had been hired as Pittsburg High School Principal.

After the story went viral, it became clear that Robertson, who claimed to have a PHd and masters degree, had actually obtained her “credentials” from diploma mill Corllins University.

Indeed, not only were her advanced degrees made up from whole cloth, but she didn’t even complete her bachelor's degree at the University of Tulsa.

Pittsburg Superintendent of Schools Destry Brown said in a phone interview Tuesday night he was “excited,” for the students.

“It’ll be a great experience,” he said. “I think it’s a great opportunity for them. My gosh, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.”

The annual dinner will be on Saturday, April 29.

Students will leave on Friday, April 28 and return Sunday evening.

— Patrick Richardson is the managing editor of the Pittsburg Morning Sun. He can be emailed at prichardson@morningsun.net, or follow him on Twitter @PittEditor.