PITTSBURG — The Pittsburg State football coaches officially announced on Wednesday the signing of 28 high school seniors and one college transfer which will be joining the Gorillas in the fall of 2018.

The recruiting class consists of four offensive linemen, seven defensive linemen, two quarterbacks, five linebackers, four wide receivers, three safeties, two running backs and two tight ends.

“It’s always good to get some offensive and defensive linemen signed,” PSU head coach Tim Beck said. “That’s always a point of emphasis for us. We want to be able to coach up an offensive and defensive line, and I feel like we’ve signed good kids on both sides. We got a little bit of everything except for kickers and punters because most of those guys are returning. Other than that, we have every other position covered.”

On the offensive line, the Gorillas singed Justin Finnigan (6 feet, 2 inches; 270 pounds), Cooper Schettler (6-3, 255), Michael Toney (6-3, 300) and Toluwashe Buoye (6-4, 325).

“We’re very excited about this group,” PSU offensive line coach Steve Wells said. “Many people have been asking how we’re going to replace the quality senior group that left, but I think this group will make a name for itself.”

As for the defensive line, Pitt State will bring in Joe Clune (6-1, 270), Leighton Cushinberry (6-2, 270), Grant Fairchild (6-4, 205), Dalton Davis (6-4, 240), Elijah Robinson (6-2, 180), Zeke Wall (6-1, 270) and Cole Morris (6-4, 225).

“These seven guys are going to learn as they go,” PSU defensive line coach Josh Lattimer said. “We hope they can be productive, but we know that they have a high motor and will play hard.”

At linebacker, the Gorillas bring in Payton Copher (6-0, 190), Thatcher Robertson (5-11, 220), Jordon Rogers (6-0, 190), Joe Watskey (6-0, 232) and Max Wilson (6-0, 183).

“We’re very excited about this group,” PSU linebacker coach Carl Roth said. “We have a lot of winners and a lot of guys with state championship rings.”

The wide receivers coming in include Blaze Brothers (5-9, 170), Carson Stout (5-11, 155), Clayton Dunning (6-3, 190) and Stefan Banda (5-11, 170).

“I really love this group of wide receivers,” PSU wide receivers coach Matt Karleskint said. “Not just for their talent on the field, but also because of their character off the field.”

The group of safeties include Jeffery Fordjour (6-1, 194), Devin HIllman (6-0, 190) and Jared Flood (5-10, 170).

“We’re really excited about these three guys,” PSU defensive coordinator Nate Dreiling said. “Hopefully, we can coach them to be the next great group of players to take over the positions.”

Other signees include running back Drew Winn (6-0, 180), cornerback Gasevan McGrue (5-9, 170), tight ends Lawrence Harris Jr. (6-4, 226) and Drake Gammon (6-5, 215) and quarterbacks Riley Watkins (6-0, 195) and Max Sexton (6-1, 192).

— Jordan Buckamneer is the sports editor of the Pittsburg Morning Sun. E-mail him at jbuckamneer@morningsun.net and follow him on Twitter @jbuckamneer.