PITTSBURG — The EGC Athletics pitching staff outdueled the Unique Metal Dodgers 5-4 to capture the Ted Carnino championship on Thursday.

In the Frank German League championship game being played on neighboring Berry Field, The Rotary Yankees pushed past the Mpix Dodgers 14-5.

Before the game Cooper Simmons was named the Derek Brumbaugh award winner, given to the league’s most valuable player.

The Yankees(6-6), continued to improve throughout the season and were playing their best baseball of the year during the tournament. Mpix started the season winning four of their opening six games, but struggled down the stretch before gaining momentum in the playoffs.

Crossland leads EGC over Unique Metal

Brady Crossland led the Athletics with eight strikeouts from the mound.

“I feel excited and happy for my team.” said Crossland.

Crossland praised coach Eddie Lomshek for teaching him how to field ground balls and how important it is to gain big secondary leads.

“In the dugout I told the players to hang in their mentally because in close games every play matters,” said Coach Lomshek. “The play that ultimately decided the game was a ball that hits first base and bounced past their defender, scoring two runs.”

Lomshek delivered praise to Crossland and his pitchers.

“In the middle innings I stressed to the team that we needed to throw strikes,” said Lomshek. “Brady did a great job with that, which was ultimately the difference in this match.”

The Athletics started the season on a six-game winning streak, but they dropped four of their last five games of the season before the tournament.

“We were a little inconsistent during the second half of the season, so I was proud of the team for putting it back together during tournament week.”

“Consistency is one of the things that I hope the players carry with them, as well as teamwork, accountability and mental toughness.” added Lomshek