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  • PATRICK'S PEOPLE: Lyerla Music Studio students honored with awards, Gold Cups

  • Students of the Lyerla Music Studio celebrated their annual Improv Awards Party May 21 at the  First Church of the Nazarene. Theme for the event was “At the Movies,” with Rachael Holden, senior graduate, serving as emcee.

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  • Students of the Lyerla Music Studio celebrated their annual Improv Awards Party May 21 at the  First Church of the Nazarene. Theme for the event was “At the Movies,” with Rachael Holden, senior graduate, serving as emcee.
    Members of the Fellowship Bell Choir, wearing top hats and bow ties, played a jazzy rendition of “Puttin’ on the Ritz. Members Rachael Holden, Cathy Holden, Virginia Rigensberg, Lois “Bunnie” Simmons, Charlotte Cook and  Melissa McCool received certificates of participation for the year, and Rachael Holden also received a trophy for being a faithful member for seven years. She will attend Emporia State University next year on a scholarship.
    “Rachael will be missed as she played four bells at a time, two in each hand,” said Donna Lyerla, director of the Lyerla Music Studio. “It will take two people to replace her.”
    Winning for best individual presentation of the evening was Amanda Hoffman dressed as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz,” who played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Second place was awarded to Allison and Ashley Marietta for playing a guitar duet of “Arabian Nights.” Third place went to Andrew Riachi for “The Pink Panther.” Will Schindler placed fourth for playing “The Entertainer.” Winning for best costume was Jalynn Feller, who wore a pink Cinderella-style dress.
    Other awards included those earned at the Pittsburg State University Mid-America Music Festival in April. Receiving a 11 plus rating and silver medal with certificate were Taylor D’Amico and Kaelyn Wood (piano); 11 rating and silver medal with certificate went to Will Schindler (piano), and a 11 plus rating in classical guitar as well with silver medal and certificate. Brianna Green received a 11 plus rating in vocal solo.  Students receiving a 1 minus rating and a gold medal and certificate for piano solo were Daniel Riachi, Jadyn Meyer, Katie Painter, Lewis Weller, Devon Coulter, Amanda Hoffman and Andrew Riachi, who received a 1 plus. Haley Eshelbrenner received a gold medal and certificate for vocal solo with a rating of 1 minutes and 1 rating for piano solo.
    Earning Method Book trophies in 2012 were Austin Garzone (primer level), Andrew Riachi (Level 1) and Matthew Gaddy (Level 2A).
    National Federation of Music Clubs First Gold Cup Trophy awards went to Haley Eshelbrenner (vocal solo musical theater), Jadyn Meyer (piano solo and musicianship-theory test), Matthew Gaddy (musicianship-theory test) and Andrew Ortolani (musicianship-theory test). It takes at least three years and/or 15 points to be eligible. Second NFMC Gold Cups were received by Rachael Holden (piano solo and musicianship-theory test), Gracie Lopez (musicianship-theory test), Devina Reetz (piano solo, vocal solo musical theater and musicianship-theory test), Andrew Riachi (piano solo and musicianship-theory test), and Will Schindler (musicianship-theory test). It requires six years and/or 30 points to receive the Second Gold Cup.
    Those receiving a first-year NFMC Superior Certificate were Taylor D’Amico (primary 1 in piano solo), Keagan Fleming (pre-primary in piano solo), Austin Garzone (primary 1 in piano solo), Brianna Green (elementary 11 in vocal solo music theater), Allison Marietta (primary 2 in guitar solo), Natalie Brueggemann, Nicholas Brueggmann, Jalynn Fellers, Webb Fern, Brianna Green, Brandon Handshy and Jessica Handshy, Josh Ortolani, Ethan Rhodes, Kate Smith, Phoenix Wade and Kaelyn Wood all received a one-year superior certificate for musicianship-theory test. Lewis Weller received a level 2 musicianship-theory test certificate. Jadyn Meyer and Joey White received a one-year certificate for level 4 musicianship-theory test, and Will Schindler and Katie Painter earned a one-year certificate with level 6 musicianship-theory test.
    Page 2 of 3 - Receiving a second-year consecutive superior certificate were Devon Coulter (level 4 musicianship-theory test), Haley Eshelbrenner (junior 2 vocal solo musical theater), Taylor D’Amico (level 2 musicianship-theory test), Aidan Fleming (primary 1 piano solo and level 3 musicianship-theory test), Keagan Fleming (level 2 musicianship-theory test), Brandon Lyerla (level 5 musicianship-theory test), Allison Marietta (primary guitar solo and level 2 musicianship-theory test), Ashley Marietta (level 2 musicianship-theory test), Devina Reetz (elementary 4 piano solo and senior 2 vocal solo musical theater), Andrew Riachi (elementary 1 piano solo) and Daniel Riachi (pre-primary piano solo and level 2 musicianship-theory test).
    Three-year consecutive superior certificates were earned by Matthew Gaddy for level 4 musicianship-theory test, Haley Garzone for level 3 musicianship-theory test and Andrew Ortolani for level 4 musicianship-theory test. Fourth-year superior consecutive certificates went to Devina Reetz for level 7 musicianship-theory test, Andrew Riachi for level 6 musicianship-theory test, and Kristie Smardo for musically advanced 2 vocal solo musical theater. Fifth-year superior consecutive certificates were awarded to Haley Eshelbrenner for level 5 musicianship-theory test and Amanda Hoffman received a level 7 musicianship-theory test consecutive certificate. Sixth-year consecutive superior certificate went to Gracie Lopez for level 6 musicianship-theory test. Rachael Holden received a seventh-year superior consecutive certificate for musically advanced vocal solo musical theater.
    Fifteen students participated in the voluntary Growing Trophy competition. Featured this year were practice time, method book work, rhythm sheets, intervals, chords and sight reading. Participants were Miriam Fleming, Lewis Weller, Aidan Fleming, Keagan Fleming, Taylor D’Amico, Jorja Johnson, Devon Coulter, Will Schindler, Daniel Riachi, Andrew Riachi, Rachael Holden, Katie Painter, Haley Eshelbrenner, Devina Reetz and Amanda Hoffman. Points ranged from 7,415 to 42,328. Amanda Hoffman received the largest trophy for her work in this category.
    Special achievement awards went to: Austin Garzone, method book work; Taylor D’Amico, concert attendance and transposition; Rachael Holden, live performance, festical and recital memory; Katie Painter, wrap ups and rhythm work; Amanda Hoffman, sight reading, practice time and accompaniment; Devina Reetz, scale work; Jadyn Meyer, bonus and responsibility; Andrew Ortolani, chord recognition; and Andrew Riachi, composer report.
    Kristie Smardo received a perfect attendance certificate. Jadyn Meyer and Kaelyn Wood also received attendance certificates.
    Rachel Holden received the vocal performance award, and Devina Reetz won the piano solo certificate. Guitar performance certificates went to Allison and Ashley Marietta, and Joey White received a classical guitar certificate.
    Three students were inducted into the Minute Club and received  plaques. For this, a student must achieve instant recognition of 38 note flashcards within one minute or 60 seconds. Inducted were Amanda Hoffman, 45 seconds, Devina Reetz, 55 seconds, and Will Schindler, 60 seconds.
    Receiving medallions for special achievement were Devina Reetz for receiving three Second Gold Cups in 2013; Andrew Riachi for receiving a 1 plus in piano solo at the PSU Mid-America Music Festival; Taylor D’Amico and Brianna Green for each composing a Christmas song for the Candy Cane Christmas Party; and Kristie Smardo for her perfect attendance record.
    Page 3 of 3 - Musical Marathon winners received trophies for the first three places and certificates thereafter. Winners were as follows: Beginner category, Austin Garzone, first, Daniel Riachi, second, Jorja Johnson, third, Taylor D’Amico, fourth, Aidan Fleming and Keagan Fleming tied for fifth, Brandon Handshy, sixth, and Josh Ortolani, seventh; Older Beginner category, Jadyn Meyer, first, Matthew Gaddy, second, Kaelyn Wood, third, Allison and Ashley Marietta tied for fourth, Brianna Green, fifth, and Lewis Weller, sixth; Intermediate category, Haley Eshelbrenner, first, Katie Painter, second, Andrew Riachi, third, Andrew Ortolani, fourth; and Advanced category, Devina Reetz, first, Rachael Holden, second, Will Schindler, third, Kristie Smardo, fourth, and Devon Coulter, fifth.
    Champion overall winner was Amanda Hoffman, who won the top trophy in the Musical Marathon and also won the top Growing Trophy with the most overall points and first place at the Improv Party for her rendition of “Over the Rainbow.”
    “This is the first time in my 34 years of teaching music that I’ve had one student win in all categories,” Mrs. Lyerla said.  “Congratulations to Amanda for all the work it took to achieve this.”
    The 2013 senior graduate is Rachael Holden, who spent seven years in the Lyerla Music Studio. She plays saxophone as well as piano and studied vocal music and theory. A Southeast High School graduate, she plans to pursue a degree in music education at Emporia State University.
    Students attending and performing at the Improv Party were Rachael Holden, Phoenix Wade, Jorja Johnson, Braden Fellers, Austin Garzone, Jalynn Fellers, Taylor D’Amico, Daniel Riachi, Kristie Smardo, Matthew Gaddy, Allison and Ashley Marietta, Haley Eshelbrenner, Kaelyn Wood, Joey White, Devina Reetz, Amanda Hoffman, Brianna Green, Will Schindler, Andrew Riachi and Ethan Rhodes.
    Following the awards was a reception in the church gym with finger foods and beverages brought by the parents. Mrs. Lyerla extended her thanks to Cathy Holden and Barbara Todd for the decorations, Melissa McCool and Lorene Hoffman for refreshments, John Owen for photography, Brett Lyerla for PowerPoint and programs, Ron Wilbert for trophies and Mike Dalton for the sound system. Performing was a guitar quartet consisting of Elwyn Davis on ukelele, Joey White, Ladonna Graham and Mrs. Lyerla.
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