The less stress students face, the more chance they have for success.

The less stress students face, the more chance they have for success.
That’s why J.T. Knoll, coordinator for Student Prevention and Wellness at Pittsburg State University, plans to use a $25,000 grant to beef up his office’s “Reduce Your Stress for More Success” program with a bevy of new programs and services.
The money is part of a Recognition Grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, a philanthropy organization which helps health programs statewide. Criteria for the grant included “a focus on preventing high-risk behaviors, and being creative with meeting a need.”
In his application, Knoll outlined several ways to beef up PSU’s anti-stress efforts, including massage chairs in Dellinger Underground, the Student Health Center, and the Counseling Center, as well as a computer system that can measure students’ vital signs to show them the effects of stress and how to reduce them.
The key to the new measures, Knoll said, is putting resources at students’ fingertips.
“We’re going to embed the residence halls on campus with two peer health educators,” Knoll said. “They will be doing stress relief exercises such as yoga and guided visualization.”
Another addition is access to Student Health 101, an online monthly magazine that offers tips for college students to stay healthy.
“It will cover health and wellness issues in general, but we can customize it by putting in our own video and content every month,” Knoll said.
Knoll said reducing stress through these and other methods is essential to an enjoyable college experience.
“If we reduce stress in the first place, we’re going to reduce everything from alcohol and drug abuse, to flus and colds, to sexual acting out — everything across the board.”
For more information on services offered by Student Prevention and Wellness, persons may contact Knoll at 235-4062, or