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  • PATRICK'S PEOPLE: Mick Lindsay, Pittsburg, is a portrait artist

  • Some artists remain static, doing variations of the same thing throughout their careers. Mick Lindsay, Pittsburg, is not one of  those.

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  • Some artists remain static, doing variations of the same thing throughout their careers. Mick Lindsay, Pittsburg, is not one of those.
    An animal lover, his latest artistic endeavor is doing pet portraits, although he’s still perfectly happy to continue taking commissions to paint portraits of humans as well. He’s done paintings of humans with their favorite four-legged companions.
    His work is on view and available for purchase at The Home Place.
    “Home Place owner Shellie Blevins has been a godsend and lets me work there,” Lindsay said. “Right now our latest thing is that we’re taking orders for Christmas cards with people’s pets.”
    People can bring in or e-mail photos of pets they want featured on the cards, which he said is considerably easier than getting a dog or cat to sit for a portrait. Lindsay prefers working from photos when possible so that the subjects don’t have to spend hours of their time modeling and he can work on the portrait at his own convenience.
    “We have cat card designs that say ‘Meowy Christmas’ or ‘Feline Navidad’,” Lindsay said. “I’ve got 195 different applications.”
    He’s also getting into the angelic realm.
    “I did a picture of my great-niece, Harper Page, and turned her into a little Thanksgiving angel blessing a cornucopia,” he said. “I thought I made her face a little too thin, but when I showed it to Mom and Dad, Mom said, ‘That’s Harper!’”
    Lindsay has also done well painting on old school desks.
    “I did five of them and moved them right through the Home Place,” he said. “Roger Stumfoll picked up four more desks and now I’ve got four little blank canvases sitting in my living room. I’m not sure yet what I’ll put on them.”
    Lindsay still has one ambition, and that’s to work on a large scale.
    “What I really want to do is a mural,” he said. “I haven’t done one in two years now, though I’ve done a lot of smaller paintings. I’d do just about any subject matter and I’d even supply my time and effort if something could be put on a wall. You can still see the remnants of things like Town Talk Bread signs on some of the old walls around here, and I’d like to do something on a big scale like that.”
    He spent the first half of his life working in retail and service industry jobs before decided that he’d rather be doing the art that he loves. He knew that living on art would be a challenge, but said that he’s making progress.
    “I’m getting a little more business every month,” he said. “I’m not just a guy handing out business cards now, people actually come to me. You’ve just got to keep plugging at it.”

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