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  • JOY LEEPER: The Commander in Chief

  • After the most recent presidential debate we voters should think very carefully about who we want to be our Commander In Chief.

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  • After the most recent presidential debate we voters should think very carefully about who we want to be our Commander In Chief.
    Either Governor Romney was employing some Machiavellian strategy or he was too scared to engage in a real debate on this topic of foreign affairs. (He did seem to be perspiring heavily.)
    I was astounded to hear him completely reverse his positions of just last week.
    I don’t know why I was surprised as he has shown himself capable of taking every possible position on every possible issue.
    The thing is we have no idea what he might do as president.
    We don’t know which of the many positions he has taken he might actually lead from.
    He does show an awkwardness with people, and especially people who are different from himself, that worries me about how he might deal with leaders of other countries.
    We know he has no international experience, except in where to keep his money overseas to avoid paying his fair share of taxes.
    One might say, “Well Obama didn’t have any experience either.” But I would reply that he had the good sense to choose Joe Biden as his Vice President.
    Biden had ample experience in this area, having served on committees and made countless trips around the world in his years in the Senate.
    He understands international issues very well and has been an asset to Obama in that regard.
    Romney on the other hand has chosen Ryan, a young man with even less experience than himself.
    The thought of Ryan potentially being Commander In Chief should frighten us all. What is that saying about the VP being “one heartbeat away from the presidency,” I don’t like to imagine Ryan in charge of our armed forces.
    Many people like Romney because they say “He’s a businessman, he will know how to improve the economy”.
    Aside from the fact that his business experience was not in creating jobs, but rather buying and selling companies for profit which often meant killing jobs, that is still a single-minded way to vote.
    Even if you do think he will be good on the economy, we never know what turn events may take. The world is in a dangerous state of flux right now. We cannot afford to vote on any single issue. We need to weigh all the many issues and choose our leaders wisely, based on the entire breadth of the job.
    With Romney and Ryan we don’t know what they would do or how they might perform in a crisis. President Obama has shown himself to be intelligent, steady and reliable.
    He is respected around the world. He has proven his ability as Commander In Chief by killing Osama Bin Laden, ending the wars and making wise decisions around the Middle East.
    Page 2 of 2 - A recent Newsweek article said Obama has played the long game, making decisions aimed at the longterm stability of the economy and the nation, instead of the short term politically expedient. (We all know what Romney would have done in the same position - he always chooses the politically expedient course).
    If re-elected and allowed to continue on the course he has set, the Newsweek article said Obama will be seen as the Democratic Reagan, and his presidency will go down in history as important and pivotal.

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