Over the last six days, I have been out with a nasty bout of staph infection. But, now, Friday, I am back and playing political catch-up.

Over the last six days, I have been out with a nasty bout of staph infection. But, now, Friday, I am back and playing political catch-up.

Here are some of the things that have happened over the last few days:

Biggs announces new website

Kansas Secretary of State Chris Biggs today announced the launch of an enhanced website for the Kansas Secretary of State’s office (www.kssos.org).

“The new Secretary of State website is part of an ongoing effort to make our office more accessible, transparent and efficient,” said Secretary of State Chris Biggs, “Whether you want to start a business or non-profit organization, register to vote, or find information about upcoming elections our new website makes it easier than ever before.”

Key features of the new site include improved usability allowing easy access to agency services, including:
• Online resources for voters, including online registration
• Online Business Filing
• Kansas Charity Check
• Notaries public

The new site also allows users to connect through social media services including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

La. Gov. endorses Jerry Moran

Congressman Jerry Moran announced today that he has been endorsed by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for the November election. 

Gov. Jindal supports Rep. Moran for his consistent record of promoting lower taxes and less spending. Moran has voted to lower taxes more than 200 times and recently introduced the Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act. ??

"We need more members of Congress who are willing to make fiscally responsible decisions to cut wasteful spending, not raise taxes, and create an economic environment that will grow jobs in America. That is why I am pleased to endorse Jerry Moran for U.S. Senate in Kansas. Jerry Moran will work hard to reduce government waste and be an advocate for taxpayers," said Jindal.

“It is an honor to be endorsed by Governor Bobby Jindal,” said Moran.  “Washington’s outrageous spending agenda has been continually detrimental to Kansas taxpayers. We must reduce the tax and regulatory burden so that businesses can succeed and create much-needed jobs."

Schmidt airs first TV ad in AG campaign

The Republican nominee for attorney general has unveiled the first television ad of the campaign.

Senate Majority Leader Derek Schmidt, R-Independence, the Republican nominee for attorney general, announced that his campaign has begun airing its first ad in television markets across Kansas. The ad is titled "Public Safety" and emphasizes Schmidt's strong record of making Kansas safer as an assistant attorney general for consumer protection, as the Senate leader who wrote Jessica's Law to put dangerous child molesters in prison for life, and as the leader who wrote the Sheriff Matt Samuels Act that significantly reduced the number of methamphetamine labs in Kansas. It also notes that Schmidt is endorsed by the Kansas State Troopers Association.

"Election Day is one month away," Schmidt said.  "As Kansans begin to focus on the choices before them this fall, our campaign is taking steps to ensure they know about my longstanding leadership for making Kansas a safer place to live, work and raise a family."