GIRARD — Technology and trash were big items of discussion Monday night at the Girard City Council meeting.

GIRARD — Technology and trash were big items of discussion Monday night at the Girard City Council meeting.

City administrator Gary Emry gave council members a look at the proposed new city website, to be at He said that all city departments would be listed alphabetically and council members have provided biographical information for the site.

“Residents will be able to pay for their utilities online,” Emry said. “We’re also looking at adding a survey module.”

Stories about community events will be provided as well, along with community photos.

“We’ll change out the photos regularly,” Emry said.

Council members gave him permission to “go live” with the site as soon as possible.

Emry has also been conducting a survey of communities about the size of Girard who have gone to using electronic tablets rather than printed meeting agendas, minutes of previous meetings, etc.

“Most cities have found that in two years or less, they have made their money back from the expense of buying the tablets,” Emry said. “We will load all the data on the tablet and deliver it to you.”

However, he added that he does not recommend immediately going off paper and would like to have a training session with council members.

The issue came up of whether iPad 2 or iPad 3 should be purchased for council members.

“Our technology people have told me that iPad 3 will be much better, but not cost more,” said council member Melody Cherry.

The council voted to wait until iPad 3 is available, which should be sometime in early to mid-March. The devices will be paid for out of the general fund.

Tom McLeod, city codes officer, and Emry reported on plans for the April community clean-up.

“This time last year  we were not dealing with the Joplin situation,” Emry said. “It has greatly impacted roll-off availability.”

McLeod said he had talked with WCA, which operates the Oak Grove Landfill near Arcadia.

“They would prefer that we stay away from doing the clean-up on Saturday, based on the demand for the roll-off containers,” McLeod said.

The clean-up has traditionally been done on a Saturday, but the codes officer said that, if the council wants to continue having it on Saturday, he would probably have to use several landfill sites rather than just Oak Grove.

“They told me that if we have the clean-up on Wednesday or Thursday, they can pretty much guarantee the number of containers we need,” McLeod said. “The city routinely uses 20 to 25 containers.”

Maurice Harley, Girard mayor, said his main concern is for people who work during the week.

“What about if we did it two days, start on Friday and continue on Saturday?” Harley asked.

The dates for the clean-up were settled at 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 13 and 7 to 10 a.m. April 14. The Oak Grove Landfill now closes at 11 a.m. on Saturdays.|

Girard Library director Terri Harley requested the council’s help in constructing a storage building near the library for books that will be sold in the annual book sale. She said that she had spoken with a contractor about the building, which would need to generally match the historic library and also be carefully constructed so that no water will leak in and spoil the books.

“I think this is something the library needs,” said Sharon Mattson, council member.

However, members Dave Garrett, Susan Thom and Cherry said they would prefer seeking bids for the project, and it was voted to have specifications drawn up for this.

In other business, the council:

•Voted to approve the recommendation of Allgeier, Martin and Associates and accept the bids of Rosetta Construction, Springfield, Mo., in the amount of $3,391,919.83 for the first section of the city’s improvements to the wastewater collection system, and of TWS, Lebo, in the amount of $189,000 to clean out the lagoons.

• Voted to accept the bids by Randy Vilela Hauling and Demolition in the amounts of $3,200 for demolition of a structure at 519 W. Buffalo and $4,900 for demolition of a structure at 217 N. Carbon.

• Approved a purchase request in the amount of $21,644.26 to Greens Pro, Fenton, Mo., for purchase of chemicals to be used at the Crawford Hills Golf Course.