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  • EXTENSION CONNECTION: Summer is here - stay safe!

  •   With the Memorial weekend and the end of the school year, summer has begun!...
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    By Anna Mae Brown

    Wildcat Extension District

    Family & Consumer Sciences Agent

    With the Memorial weekend and the end of the school year, summer has begun!

    Families will be busy with numerous outdoor activities; ballgames, family vacations and get-togethers. Children are actively out and about and on the go. Keep a watchful eye on children as they are out to play.

    As large groups of family and friends gather , it can be easy for little ones to wander off. Young children are naturally curious and can quickly get out of sight. Be sure you know who is watching the little ones and keep a watchful eye on them at all times.

    If you are around water, be sure everyone knows where it is safe for swimming. Do not enter in unfamiliar areas of water and never swim alone.

    Adult supervision is a must at all times. Be sure life preservers are available and fitted properly. Do not allow poor swimmers to use non-certified floatation devises.

    Page 2 of 3 - Be sure gates to pool areas are locked when not in use and properly supervised when swimmers are around.

    Check out camping areas and play areas when enjoying the outdoors for hazardous objects or unsafe terrain. Watch for poisonous plants and for insects. Choose and use an insect repellent reading the instructions for using properly.

    Children should be taught how to properly use playground equipment and to respect others as they play.

    As the temperature rises, throughout the summer, take precautions against the summer heat. The rays of the summer sun can affect everyone – agricultural producers, construction workers, children at play, sport enthusiasts, and gardeners, just to name a few.

    The hottest hours of the day occur between noon and 5:00pm. Whenever possible, avoid outside over–exposure to the sun’s rays during these hours of the day.

    When you must be in the sun, be sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protectant Factor ) of 15 or above. Wear a hat or sun visor and loose fitting clothing of natural fibers that will allow air to flow to the body.

    Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during , and after outdoor activities. Avoid caffeine beverages such as coffee or colas.

    Keep food safety in mind as you transport food to summer activities. Always keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Never leave food setting out in the hot rays of the sun.

    Page 3 of 3 - Never leave children and pets in a parked vehicle for even a few minutes. The inside of the vehicle heats up much hotter than you realize in a short amount of time.

    Make ‘safety first’ a top priority in order that you and your family can enjoy the benefits of time together in the great outdoors this summer.

    For additional information, contact the Wildcat Extension District, Crawford County, 620-724-8233, Labette County, 620-784-5337, Montgomery County, 620-331-2690, Pittsburg Office, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education (EFNEP), 620-232-1930.

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