Whew, what a week!

Whew, what a week! After conducting four candidate forums last week in conjunction with the Pittsburg Area Young Professionals and the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce we have goose bumps. We have always felt that an informed electorate is the key to a good democracy, and we are pleased to have teamed with these two organizations to help educate area voters. We appreciate the candidates’ willingness to participate in these forums, as well as community members’ willingness to listen to what these candidates have to say.
Judging from the attendance at the two Frontenac discussions and the two Pittsburg roundtables, we expect voter participation to be higher than a normal April election. We are excited to see engaged voters, and we are especially happy with the number of candidates. There are a few uncontested spots, but we don’t recall ever having had so many people vying for the open school and municipal positions. It is enough to give any political junkie an ear-to-ear grin.
As we traditionally do at election time, we’ve asked each area candidate to complete a questionnaire, so our readers can become more knowledgeable. We encourage our readers to study the responses and vote on April 7. 

Jacob W. Brower and Stephen Wade, for The Morning Sun