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  • FIRST IN PRINT: Students bring some colorful cheer to campus

  • How can you help but smile when a guy in a bright red, green or blue morph suit hands you a Post-It note telling you to have a nice day?

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  • How can you help but smile when a guy in a bright red, green or blue morph suit hands you a Post-It note telling you to have a nice day?
    That’s the theory behind the RGB (Red Green Blue) Men, a trio of anonymous Pittsburg State University students who decided that they wanted to bring smiles and positive energy to the campus.
    They’re doing this through body language and cheery messages they dash off on Post-It notes and present to bystanders. They do not speak, partly to conceal their identities and also to “generate symbolism.”
    They have also been communicating by e-mail and have a Facebook page. Jacob Anselmi, PSU videographer, spotted the page and has been talking to them by computer.
    The way they put it, we’ve lost our small talk,” Anselmi said. “They’ve watched people walking on campus, not talking to anybody. I know I’m guilty of that a lot. What makes it so cool for me, nobody asked them to do this.”
    Through an interview conducted via Post-It notes, Blue Man said that Red Man was the first one who got his morph suit, then he and Green Man wanted to get suits, too.
    “We talked about it before hand,” Red Man wrote.
    They were out on campus Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday spreading cheer. They acknowledge that they have to wait until all three had conclude their classes for the day. Then they have to surreptitiously change into their morph suits, which they accessorize with black shorts and dark glasses.
    On Thursday they were scribbling notes to those walking on the PSU Oval. A woman in a red sweater got a note from Red Man saying “I like red,” while Blue Man gave a note saying “I like your blue cap, it brings out your blue eyes” to a man wearing a blue cap.
    Student Marissa Ibarra got a note telling her to smile more. It immediately brought a smile to her face.
    “I will remember to smile,” she said.
    Kim Scott, an employee in Gibson Dining Hall, shook hands with the RGB Men and thanked them for what they were doing.
    “How cool you guys are,” she said, adding that perhaps she greeted them daily during her work.
    But Scott denied that she recognized any of the three.
    “I swipe cards of 700 students a day at lunch,” she said.
    The RGB Men plan to maintain their anonymity for now.
    “You do not know who we are,” they wrote in one of their e-mails. “We could be your best friend. Or the guy that sits next to you in class!”
    They do plan to continue their mission of spreading happiness for a while.
    Page 2 of 2 - “If it helps, of course we will,” Green Man wrote. “The happier you are, the better and longer you live.”
    Those who spread happiness often get some for themselves, and that’s true of the RGB Men.
    “It’s inspiring to us to do this,” Red Man wrote.

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