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  • Candidate Questionnaires: Downballot races

  • The Morning Sun has done several stories on the Pittsburg City Commission race, and has covered the Girard candidate forum. We will also have a story Sunday on the USD 250 school board race. However, there are a number of races that don’t get much attention. So we called candidates for all contested positions out...
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  • The Morning Sun has done several stories on the Pittsburg City Commission race, and has covered the Girard candidate forum. We will also have a story Sunday on the USD 250 school board race. However, there are a number of races that don’t get much attention. So we called candidates for all contested positions outside of the aforementioned races to answer a quick two-part question: Why are you running and why should people vote for you?
    Arcadia council (3 positions)
    Alvin Buffington - “I think there are some things that need to be changed. I don’t know if I’ve got enough backing to change them, but I’ll at least bring them up.”
    John Whetzel - “I’ve been on the council this time for about 2 1/2 years. I was ppointed to the council when I moved back to town. I’ve been mayor and on council the on and off for about 20 years. Running again to try to finish out a project that I’ve started since I got back to up the budget enough so where we can do streets again. Process wanting to do 2 miles of chip and seal or do as much as we can with money that we raised for asphalt. Straight and narrow trying to keep the city moving forward.”
    Brandy Trammell - “I am running because I think that we can do a lot to better our city. I’ve already been a part of that the last nine months when we had somebody resign due to health issues. I’ve really enjoyed it and think we can do a lot of good things for our city.”
    Gary Peterson could not be reached by press time .
    Frontenac 1st Ward
    David Chiappetti - “I’ve been on it for four years already. I’ve been on school board before and whatnot, so I think I’m capable of it. I have no agenda or anything else. I just wanted to keep taxes down. There’s a lot of old people in Frontenac that need to have the taxes kept down.”
    Marc A. McCully - “I’m running because I believe I’ll be a good voice for the residents of Frontenac and the 1st Ward.”
    Frontenac 2nd Ward
    Pat Clinton - “I sit on the council now. In the city of Frontenac, our administration is really strong and it’s a very easy council to sit on. We try to watch the mill levy. We try not to raise taxes. We try not to raise the water bill. We like to keep everything pretty low so people can afford to pay their bills because times in the economy are so hard because of the price of gas and groceries. Our employees are good employees. We do try to give raises, and we have been able to do that by way of budgeting and our city administrator. I have lived in Frontenac all my life, and I like the town, and I like to serve it.”
    Page 2 of 3 - Ricky J. Jones - “I’d like to make sure everything is still moving forward and not let it go backwards on us. We have a pretty good town, and pretty good administrators. We have some in the future that I figure are getting ready to leave their positions. I think we need some new minds on the leadership up there.”
    Frontenac 3rd Ward
    Kevin Fry - “My wife and I have been residents of Frontenac for 15 years and are enjoying raising our children in the community.  Serving on the city council would allow me to play an active role in continuing to make Frontenac a great place to live. All of the candidates would be an asset to the council; however, my experience as a Frontenac businessman has allowed me the opportunity to be an active listener to the needs of my customers and I will do the same for the citizens of Frontenac.  I have a common sense approach to problem solving and will make decisions in the best interest of the Frontenac community”
    Tim Ziesenis - “I’ve been a long resident of Frontenac. Living where living for 30 years. Grandparents lived there, so did parents. My mother went to school in Frontenac. So did children. Hometown for me. Basically volunteering my civic duty. Used to be a reserve police officer and was on the fire department. Now part of the civil defense. Just another part of the city government.”
    Frontenac 4th Ward
    Doug B. Girth - “I’m running because I’ve been there before, and I think we need to look at some different avenues as far as taxes and the way money’s spent. That’s why I’m hoping they’re going to vote for me. We’ve got one of the highest taxes for a small town.”
    Terry Spurling - “I’d like to try to bring. We lost Sutherlands earlier this month, and that’s a big tax base. We need to fill that. The dog track’s there, and if we can’t have gambling, we can use that building for something. That’s a lot of property to use. We lost our Homecoming a few years back, and everyone I talk to thinks the city council just can’t get together and bring back the homecoming. Every town around here that I know of has a Homecoming. Everyone I talk to wants ours back. It can’t be that hard. We’ve got a really nice town, and I’d like to keep it that way.”
    A.J. Menghini could not be reached by press time.
    Mulberry Mayor
    Randy L. Jones - “I’m actually running because I feel it’s my civic duty, and that we as a council have made a difference over five years. We’ve been able to improve city equipment, provide a better police force, worked on areas to try to keep maintenance up and keep the budget balanced over four or five years. Some people say that we spend a little too much, but if you look at budget sheet, we’re really doing a fine job. My goal is to keep Mulberry running, and to keep it improving. I think the other candidate is a fine individual and a good candidate and would be a fine mayor. Either one of us would make a fine mayor.”
    Page 3 of 3 - Jerry W. Prettyman declined to comment.
    Mulberry Council Member (2 positions)
    William Cooper - “I’m just trying to give back to the community a little bit. I’ve got some fresh ideas to try to freshen up the place a little bit. My hometown, I’ve lived here forever. Just trying to give back a little.”
    Pete Willey - “I’ve served three terms. There are a few things I’d like to get finished up in town, that we’ve talked about for a couple years, that we haven’t got anything done on it. I want to work for the people of the town.”
    James Beam - “I was raised here, both my wife and I were raised here and went to school here. We’ve done a few things to help the city and clean it up. We’d like to just continue that. We need to get the roads fixed, and there are several houses in town that need [to be] destroyed or demolished.”
    Darvin Weaver - “I’m going to leave that up to the voters.”
    Susan Montanye could not be reached by press time.
    USD 246 School Board Position 5
    Kathryn Richard - “I’m running because I’ve been on the board for three terms, and we’ve got a lot of good initiatives going. I’d like to continue to be part of that. Financing is an issue. Curriculum is an issue. There are things we’ve been working on and planning for. There’s the 1:1 initiative at the high school. We’re working for the students of USD 246 and want them to do the best they can.”
    Henry Ashbacher could not be reached by press time.
    USD 248 School Board Position 4
    Jim Mengarelli - “I’m running because I believe in a commitment to education for kids in public schools. I think I’m well qualified with 16 years experience on school board. As a board member, you make policy and see those policies enforced. I think Girard has a great school board, and I think people should vote for me again because over the years, I’ve had a lot of service to the school district.”
    Beth Murphy - “I’m running because I want to get more involved in my school and community. I think I would be the best candidate because I’ll have a new outlook and I have a vested interest in our schools.”  
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