The age of the titans is moving into the realm of history.

Dear Editor 
The age of the Titans is moving into the realm of history. Both Huntley and Brinkley, Peter Jennings, and now Walter Cronkite have finished their work and moved on to eternity. Now we have twenty-four hour cable news. More, always sounds good, but is it? Cable news organizations are more about ratings then true unvarnished facts of  what is taking place in our world. They want to be first in reporting an event, so they take a quick look, add speculation, color with political bias, and put it out as news. They have their standby commentators to discuss the various stories. Their discussions always support each political parties agenda, but resolve nothing.
CNN is the highest rated cable news company. Controlled and staffed mainly by republicans. If you pay strict attention, you realize they slant their news heavily towards fear of our government spending too much. Fear can be deadly to health care reform, and I worry that they will help kill it. Damning this nation to decades of more health care inflation, with the working poor struggling, then collapsing under that burden.
Presently, they’re also promoting the idea that Obama’s ratings are falling because our recovery is proceeding slowly. The cable reporters don’t know, or refuse to tell you depression’s last for decades no matter who’s in office.
Considering the quality of their news reporting, we have very good reason to mourn the passing of the Titans.
Tom Davis