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  • TROJAN TRIBUNE: RVH students participate in Teddy Bear-Gus Clinic

  • USD 248 Nurse Bobbi Mahnken and PSU nursing instructors and students held the annual Teddy Bear Gus-Clinic for RVH first- and second-grade students Wednesday, March 6.

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  • USD 248 Nurse Bobbi Mahnken and PSU nursing instructors and students held the annual Teddy Bear Gus-Clinic for RVH first- and second-grade students Wednesday, March 6.
    The clinic is held to promote various topics of health and safety and fulfills teaching requirements for this learning set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    With regard to the event, Nurse Mahnken said, “The students at RVH look forward to this health and safety activity. They have fun while learning valuable lessons.”
    For the clinic, PSU nursing students created demonstrations to present to the students as part of their community nursing clinical requirement. PSU faculty members who assisted were Dr. Janis Schiefelbein, Kristi Frisbee, Joyce Dawson and Julie Bierman.
    Regarding the clinic, Mrs. Frisbee said, “This is a fun project that Pittsburg State University nursing students get to do every year. Our students learn about age-appropriate health and safety topics and enjoy working with the elementary students to teach them about healthy behaviors.”
    During the clinic, students and their teddy bears visited six stations where they learned about different health and safety issues. They were given coloring sheets with information on each topic and were encouraged to take them home and share what they learned with their parents. Students were also given a Band-Aid to put on their teddy bears.
    At the “Fire Safety” station, students discussed fire prevention and what to do in case of a fire. They learned how to dial 911, practiced the army crawl to stay low to the floor during a fire and practiced the “stop, drop and roll” technique. Students were also encouraged to go home and develop a plan with their parents in case of a fire.
    First-grader Matthew Pease commented on his favorite station, saying, “I got to stop, drop and roll.”
    Students learned about food groups and eating healthy at the “Nutrition” station where they discussed the benefits of different foods. They participated in an activity where they selected plastic food from a tub and then placed it in the correct food group.
    At the “Washing Hands” station, students received fake germ gel on their hands and then practiced washing their hands for 20 seconds with the song they learned. Afterward, students looked at their hands under black light to determine whether or not they did a good job.
    Students learned the difference between good and bad strangers at the “Stranger Danger” station. They also talked about using the buddy system and practiced how to scream if someone was trying to abduct them.
    At the “Summer Safety” station, students talked about wearing life jackets and water safety. They also discussed applying bug spray and sunscreen when going outside. During an activity, students placed stars on a cutout of a body to represent the important places to put sunscreen.
    Page 2 of 2 - After visiting the station, first-grader Cody Burns said, “I learned you need to drink lots of water in the summer.”
    Students talked about wearing seatbelts and using crosswalks and sidewalks at the “Vehicle Safety” station. They also played Simon Says with the safety rules they learned.
    Nurse Mahnken thanked the PSU nursing students, saying, “The PSU nursing students did a wonderful job, and we appreciate their time and talents.”

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